Friday, June 11, 2010

Why I will Join the Protests on 12th June - Andreas Moser

This is my first guest post ever since I started my blog. It is written by Andreas Moser, the German citizen who had to endure a week in Evin prison.

Why I will join the protests on June 12th 

Saturday June 12th will mark the first anniversary of the rigged Iranian elections. The blatant electoral fraud sparked protests throughout Iran which the Iranian regime only managed to crush by remorseless force. The brutality of the crackdown opened the world's eyes not only about the nature of the Iranian government, but also about the dissent and the courage of a large part of the Iranian people. Since then, protests have flared up, been struck down, and flared up again.

For the past 52 weeks, Iranians and non-Iranians have gathered outside Iran's embassies and consulates and other institutions of the Islamic Republic all over the world to protest against this government. They will do so again this Saturday. 
I have been asked by many friends: "What is the point of these protests? What will it achieve?" and I am prone to joining in the disappointment. For on the face of it, we - if I may use this inclusive term for all those who care about freedom, democracy and human rights in Iran - have not achieved anything. Iran is still governed by an autocratic regime which ignores the wishes of its people, oppresses all dissent, stifles free thought and speech, performs executions and demeans the female half of the population. For those who care more about international security or stability than about the domestic situation (although these two issues might be far more correlated than many outside Iran want to believe), the picture is none less grim: Iran continues to sow mischief in the region and has not been brought to a halt in its apparent striving for nuclear weapons.
The disappointment about the obvious lack of any progress is understandable. I share this disappointment. And the time might indeed have come to step up the actions, both for the international community in their handling of Iran, but also for activists and protesters. 

So why will I still join the protests on June 12th despite my disappointment? In the end, for one reason:
In June 2009, I was in Iran myself. I had flown there to witness and join the protests in the streets of Tehran. On June 25th of last year, I was arrested by the Iranian Intelligence Service and taken to Evin prison for what should become the toughest week of my life. On the late evening of June 25th, after having been stripped of my clothes and possessions, being blindfolded and not being told where I am and why I am being kept, being shouted at in a language that I did not understand, I was waiting under guard in the yard of Evin prison for transport to a cell. At that moment, it turned 10 o'clock at night and like every evening, the city of Tehran burst into a loud and vibrant chorus of shouts of "god is great", a slogan which had become the symbol of the resistance. Even being surrounded by guards and still aching from a previous beating by the police, full of fear and uncertainty, I could not suppress a smile as I heard these chants from the rooftops and windows of the surrounding neighbourhoods. I felt that I was not alone. I felt that people like me were not forgotten outside of these darn walls. 

Since then, I know about the value of moral support. It's the very least that each and every one of us can do.
I hope to see you on Saturday!

Andreas Moser


parvati_roma said...

Why I Too Will Be Joining the Protests on 12th June - aka "The Greening Of Parvati_Roma, Verse Version":

Anguished but perplexed, this former girl from Rome
had been fence-sitting till she heard the monkeyman
screech at the rebel millions: ”Dust-and-trash, go home
or be crushed underfoot!” and saw that murder plan

enacted the next day. As the gunmen’s bullet-song
rang from Tehran’s roofs and alleys and a tide of blood
rose up to engulf its unarmed street protesters, a long-
dormant train of Roman memories awakened in a flood

of angry fellow-feeling. So I swore: Enough spin,
you murderous bastards! I too must take my stand
against whoever seeks to crush the Rights of Man
with rape and jackboots, so please count me in -
hand-in-hand we're crying out “Ma Bishomarim!”

Waybec said...

So say the good and righteous spirit of us all! Iran's been under a black cloud long enough! It's time this Satanistic regime got a real taste of the people's lightning and thunder!

Anonymous said...

An Iranian girl studying in Germany.

Winston said...

good piece

Anonymous said...

The greens have done the best PR ever, portraying themselves as opposition to the government of Ahmadinejad. Lots of people have been fooled. Look at Zahra Rahnavard to realise what you are blindly supporting.


Anonymous said...

The Green Movement is neither democratic nor secular. How come you are publicising it?


SZ said...

speaking of protests....there were none in Iran.....what happened to those majorities? anyone?

Arash can you give me that answer? Or how about Neda the idiot? or how about Winston the ignoramus?

where are the huge crowds ready to overthrow the government?

chirp chirp chirp....all quiet on the exile front.

Unknown said...


The Sunday Telegraph have published my views on the election anniversary.

Anonymous said...

The "Delusion" Of Security Through Oppression ...

If there is one lesson that the Mullahs have yet to learn, then that would be, that for a while, through oppression, subjugation, violence, and even torture, they may be able to control the People - However, if they are a student of History, then they should know that there is a clear pattern from fallen regimes of the past, that Ultimately, all of that will lead to naught, and that the regime Will Collapse From Within!

Let's Not Forget The Great Soviet Empire - This so-called Islamic Republic is nothing but a joke compared to the might of the Soviet Union - Remember, but only twenty (20) years ago, it was handed over into the dust bin of History, just as other oppressive regimes have been!

In our Beloved Iran, close to 2/3 of the population is under 30 years of age - All throughout their lives, they have seen absolutely nothing else but the repression that this regime has subjected them to - Does anyone honestly believe that our Youth are going to put up with this!

What I'm Trying To Say Is This: These Mullahs And Their Co-horts Are Going Against The Tide Of History! - Which Is In The Direction Of More Liberty, Freedom, And Democracy! If These Mullahs Are Half As Smart As Mollanasredin's Donkey, Then They Would Realize That Reality, And Treat The Iranian People Accordingly - If They Don't, Then There Is No Question In My Mind That In Due Course, They Will Be Subjected To The Full Force Of The Wrath Of The Iranian People, With Its Ultimate Consequences!

It's Really Not That Complicated - Not Even For These Mullahs :) -

Anonymous said...

Iranians dig in for the battle they know could take years
by Shifteh Ansari on Sat Jun 12, 2010 05:28 PM PDT

By Abigail Fielding-Smith, The Independent

A year ago Mahmoud Ahmadinejad crushed protests against him. But as
these stories show, he did not break his opponents' spirit.

Read the article here:

Anonymous said...

دعواي بسيجي با پليس و شعار مردم در اتوبوس 22خرداد

Anonymous said...

Despite of your positive intent and as some might call it courage I am inclined to question whether your action deserves respect or was merely an act of stupidity!