Wednesday, December 01, 2010

New Video from the Ashura Uprising Last Year

New video of 25 year old Amir Arshad Tajmir, who was ran over by a police car during the Ashura uprising last year.


Juniper in the Desert said...

This is so evil!! May he rest in peace! ;((

BTW, a few of us are going to this to speak up against the lies. The fact that it(this conference) is not about islam or they would show some care for people in Iran!!

Waybec said...

Well with Khamanei now putting the Basij directly under his control out of fear and Ahmandinejad looking tired, cornered and uncomfortable at his last Press conference, we can only hope the next thing run over is this evil regime! It looks like Iran's Students Day won't go by without the'skull-crackers' out in force again either! No doubt we'll have Press TV TRUTHFULLY cover that event! I.e. Just show a few thousand stage managed Basij students shouting the praises of their beloved Stalinistic leader! After all, the head of the Basij got an half hour advert recently on Press TV - probably at his own behest - to state his case in a kid glove interview as to why his Islamic Gestapo now meddles, interferes and wants to oversee everything even more! So again, I just hope OFCOM won't be sitting on their hands and turning a blind eye to such cosily presented but purely insidious propaganda for much longer!

Anonymous said...

درود به شرف همه شهدا و همه خانواده های عزیزشان و همه مهربانانی که یاد آنها را زندا نگه میدارند تا روز موعود برسد. سربلند باشید.