Friday, March 04, 2011

Kidnapping at the Highest Level

Saham News reports eye witnesses have reported the mysterious aid close to the Supreme Leader, known as Vahid, to have been personally involved and led the kidnap of Karroubi and his wife, Fatemeh.

Vahid Haghanian, more commonly known simply as Vahid, is the deputy executive of the Supreme Leader's office. He has become known as an influential figure whose duties include co-ordination of various military, political and security units as well as delivering the Supreme Leader's messages. He is said to be the Supreme Leader's right hand man and yet very little is known about him. None of the better known people around the Supreme Leader have ever commented or mentioned anything about him in their memoires.

First pictures of Vahid ever seen in public were during Ahmadienjad's inauguration, where he was seen handing the presidency edict to the Supreme Leader, a task normally carried out by either the former president or the head of the Assembly of Experts.


Waybec said...

Well it's good that the Mullah Mafia kidnapper has a name and face. THe thing is, when opposition candidates suddenly disappear in omninous circumstances, what are the UN doing about it? What are the Human Rights counsil doing about it? What are even the mainstay media doing about it? If Cameron kidnapped Milliband, or Obama Pallin, there'd be a global outcry. Unfortunately there still seems to be this shameful stereo-typical attitude that the Iranian's got what they deserved with the Islamic Revolution. And as such Khamenei can just carry on under the radar with his criminal cartel to be further emboldened and sneer!
Yes I know Libya and other protesting Arab nations are hogging airtime, but why is it, that most of the media always miss out Iran as also being one of the protesting hotspots? And why with Karoubi's and Mousavi's state sanctioned abuction, is so little being said about it in the global, universal and public arena? The mind really does boggle at such stunning almost complicit silence?

Darius said...

"Schadenfreude" is the most appropriate and adequate phrase that any rational human being my use it, in regard to "Dearly Beloved Islamic Republic".
For the "Imbecile Generation" of 1979, they could not and would not deserve anything better than these Charlatan Clergy, since 1501.
In huge majority of Persians, undoubtedly is a minimum 1 single attributes of "House of Führer" and shabby Government and the institutions, which had grown - just like mushroom - for the past 32 Glorious years.
Sorry to disturb you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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