Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Millionaire Expat, Jahanchahi Stains the Defected Diplomat Campaign

I have only met the Iranian billionaire, Jahanchahi once, in a meeting he held in South West London. The meeting was attended by a handful of mainly over seventy year old Iranian expats, who each in turn, having smelled the possibility of a cash handout, tried to flatter the money-man in some way. One praised his strength and courage, one praised his resolute tone in his speech, one praised his good looks and said it was fit for leadership! The adulation was stomach churning and when I asked him what he thought opposition activists outside Iran should do, his answer convinced me that this guy does not have a clue, and just like some of the other super rich Iranian expats, I have been unfortunate enough to bump into every now and then, his motives were also mainly narcissism and self promotion. Just looking at his website and realising how many times he mentions his own name and displays his picture, will confirm my claims of his narcissism.  Here was another rich Iranian expat who thought just because he had been a successful businessman, he could also overthrow the Islamic Republic.

In that meeting, Jahanchahi tried to make a big song and dance about being able to meet Western statesman if he simply clicked his fingers. Others reacted with their exaggerated facial expressions to make sure Jahanchahi saw how impressed they were. I thought so what? I meet lots of politicians and media people, meeting people is not a big deal, its getting them to do something which counts.

It seemed to me, Jahanchahi having sensed that Iran is about to change, wanted to ride the wave and appropriately he called his group, the Green Wave. He declared that his plan to overthrow the Islamic Republic was buying the regime officials. Here was this rich kid who thought he had so much money, he could buy the regime officials one by one.

When the Iranian diplomats started defecting, Jahanchahi claimed he was behind the defections and he was helping the defected diplomats by arranging their immigration issues, security arrangements and also helping them financially.

When I first heard the Iranian diplomat in Japan was facing deportation from Japan, I heard Jahanchahi was helping him and was bringing the diplomat to France. When I contacted the diplomat in Japan and asked if Jahanchahi was helping him? The diplomat's response was, 'who is Jahanchahi? I have never heard of him'

The total cash donated by Jahanchahi ever since the first diplomat defected was 100 Euros towards a press conference costs, which was given back to him afterwards. All security arrangements were made by the defected diplomats themselves and their host authorities and as far as immigration issues, some like Farhangian, who defected from his post in Belgium, face serious difficulties and uncertain future.

The last diplomat who defected from his post in Italy, has more or less been kidnapped by Jahanchahi. No one is able to contact him, including the former senior diplomats who defected and joined the campaign. The defected diplomats have not even been able to convey to the latest defector, Ahmad Maleki, that Jahanchahi is nothing to do with their campaign. Hossein Alizadeh, the senior Iranian diplomat who defected from his post in Helsinki, was turned away from the five star hotel in Paris, where Jahanchahi had arranged the press conference for Maleki.

Finally the Green diplomats have had enough and issued two statements in recent days, where they categorically deny he Green Wave being behind their defections in any way. I hope the campaign will move forward from here on, but inevitably Jahnachahi has managed to stain the campaign and undoubtedly discouraged many more diplomats from defecting.


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Great Note

nedmedia said...

not untypical of Middle Eastern wealthy people.


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Dear Potkin
Your comment about green diplomats is very informative.

Winston said...

He sounds like a crazy opportunist

Anonymous said...

Is Jahanchahi on Islamic Republic's payroll?

Anonymous said...

thanks for the informative account.
I came across his name last year in the Arabic media where he was depicted as some sort of a genius opposition leader. But the accounts of his deeds on his website smelled of vanity. Now I understand who he is.

Nadir said...


Vanity is an understatement for this piece of shit

فرامرز سنگسری said...

خیانت جهانشاهی به دیپلمات ها و جنبش از دو سو میباشد
نه تنها کمکی به دیپلمات ها نکرد بلکه اینچنین القا کرد که دارد کمک میکند
لعنت بر این پولدارهای بی ریشه ایرانی

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Azarmehr said...

Jahanchahi has really sunk into new depths of charlatanism