Friday, March 25, 2011

Syrian Uprising

Our Syrian brothers and sisters, our hearts are with you. Stand firm against the Islamic Republic backed despot. No ruler should rule forever.


Waybec said...

No doubt Press TV with cover the Syrian protests with as much drum beating zeal as all the others? Oh no, but of course not. Not when the Basiji script-writers for that channel can now rabidly slam Britain for hours on end YET again with the recent anti-cuts rallies. Phew that's a good way to let their murdering dictator friend Assad off the hook eh? Just ignore Syria - deflect attention - and maybe yet again 'we' can get away without looking like Khamenei's propaganda hypopcrites!!! Yep - What an absolute disgrace and SHAME OFCOM really is! And shame on Ken Livingstone too! Because although he may make some perfectly good valid and reasonable points, the fact he's sold out to the face of a theocratic tyranny to air them really is reprehensible and inexcusable! Boris Johnson may be a bit of a bumbling toff twit, but hey - I'd sooner vote for him!

Unknown said...

LOL, Potkin. Assad is a stooge of the Islamic Republic now?

The alternative to Assad are the Islamic fundamentalists of the Muslim Brotherhood who will do your western masters no favors.

Meanwhile 500,000 protesters take to the streets of London in a massive anti-government demonstration (far bigger than anything seen in Iran this year) and which Azarmehr and Waybec choose to ignore.

200 arrests,80 injuries.

Juniper in the Desert said...

Off topic but:

Waybec said...

In response to dear Reza, I don't ignore any protests. Merely try to highlight the hypocrisy of the IRI regime exploiting and playing up those which serve it's purposes, but playing down the Syrian protests which don't! Ultimately though it doesn't matter. DEMOCRACY is on the march. The people are now fed up of being the patsys caught between two fear mongering sides. Either we are the mugs of Cowboy, corporate greed neo-con better-the-devil-you know policies - as typifed by Fox News. OR the victims of political and radcal Shi'te Islam who's power base is bullt on the male mischismo of mafia mullahs!
Ultimately Britain will survive it's mass demonstrations, because for decades now we have allowed it. It is those regimes who haven't or still DON'T allow it which have currently fallen or WILL be next in line TO fall! Therefore Assad, Khamenei and Ahmandinejad - not long now!

Unknown said...


The next regime to fall is the British royalist establishment. All the conditions are right: Record youth unemployment, students facing bankruptcy, young people unable to find affordable housing, the banks charging their customers to cover their losses and public services cut everywhere.

In Britain we have a history of revolution: Wat Tyler's revolt of 1381 nearly toppled the government. Cromwell's revolt against the royals was successful.

In Britain there is a "constitutional monarchy" without a written constitution and a "parlimentary democracy" where the Upper House is completely unelected.


Waybec said...

Surprisingly I agree Reza. I'm against unelected bodies like the House of Lords, and silver spoon Monarchies. When it comes to societies financial strife however, virtually the whole world is up shit creek without a puddle, not just Britain. Iran unfortunately is also illed with just as many youth unemployment and unequal social problems as anywhere else! THe difference between Iran and Britain is that at least the Britain people have a voice to let of steam. Whereas Khanmenei's theocratic tyranny only tries to keep everyone in a big glass jar and trail to nail on the lid! And so ultimately he will only have himself to blame when all those bubbling and brewing trapped gases eventually explode like some massive giant powder keg! So we'll see which system comes crashing down first eh?

in the vanguard said...

You say, "No ruler should rule forever." Why not tell us, instead, how long he should rule!

Show me one - just one - islamic sytem that has even half a decent system!