Friday, March 11, 2011

Workers Revolutionary Party: Victory to Gaddaffi!!!

I honestly didn't think the Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist Workers Revolutionary Party existed any more. I thought it was some UK leftist group funded by the Libyan dictator which existed in the eighties and then disbanded as a result of internal strife. Apart from open admission that they received funding from Libya, WRP had  celebrity members like the Oscar winner British actress, Vanessa Redgrave, one of my earliest introductions to prominent useful idiots in the West.

Vanessa Redgrave's brother Corin Redgrave, also a celebrity actor, let his villa in Derbyshire to be used by the WRP as a venue for "training".

This morning however, as I was following the latest Libya news, I learned two new facts. Firstly, Workers Revolutionary Party still exists and it still vehemently supports Gaddaffi. See their editorial on their website, "Victory to Gaddaffi!!". Victory in what?? In killing his people and continuing his dynasty?

Secondly, Vanessa Redgrave, has been awarded a CBE, Commander of the British Empire. So much for her Left wing principles! Meanwhile as these rich useful idiots play their fantasy revolutionary games, and make up their own scenarios of oppressed people's champions, Gaddaffi's troops continue with their massacre of their own people. Below is a footage of a tank which has overrun a car with passengers inside the car:


Juniper in the Desert said...

I recall in 1974, when I lived in south London, Corin Redgrave came a-calling one evening. I think he was touting for funds. He said he was from the WRP. He was wearing a Burberry raincoat and put his foot in the door when I tried to close it.
I was naive at the time and could not understand that someone who wore an expensive coat could be a "communist".

Anonymous said...

Vanessa Redgrave was expelled from the WRP in the mid-eighties (according to Wikipedia). So she can now become a CBE...
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