Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another Chaharshanbeh Suri, Another Defiance of Supreme Leader's Fatwa

More than 30 videos of Iranian people celebrating the ancient Iranian fire festival and protesting against the regime throughout Iran. After three decades of mullahs trying to ban Chaharshanbeh Suri, the fire of Zoroaster still burns on and a nation cries Iran Will Never Die.


Waybec said...

Well I didn't see any of this Iranian festival covered on Press TV did you Potkin? Didn't see any mention of people protesting in Palestine against their own fractious factions like Hamas on Press Tv either. Nor did I see any mention of the Syrian protest on Press TV... Humm, can't think why can you? Oh, but of course I AM seeing lots of coverage on the Bahrain situation. And constanty getting the Islamic Awakening advert rammed down my throat. I agree, Saudi Arabia should've kept their noses out. But by the same token so should the Iranian regime with it's blatant hypocrisy of not practising what it preaches when it comes to people's rights!! God, just what is it with that regime and TV station? If you're not a Muslim you don't count? And if you don't tow the line to their totalitarian Islamic/Big Brother rule, then you don't even make the news either? Dunno about you lot out there, but I'm even more sick of Khamenei's crap being shovelled through the TV screen's aren't you? Just like my other post in the UN being a ineffective body. Offcom is a waste of time too!

Azarmehr said...


When will OFCOM wake up?

Waybec said...

I guess OFCOM will only wake up if more British viewers complain to them. So, any takers??? Otherwise this Basiji propaganda Channel will only continue to paint ALL protesting Arab countries as a foothold for them, when in truth: TRUE DEMOCRACY for the people, has just caught the IRI on the desperate and fearfiul backfoot! Again, I just say shame to all those Hypocrites who work for Press TV. The great pretenders of people's rights (as long as your a radical Islamists of course!) But the total betrayer's of the Iranian
people's true aspirations for a proper and fair democracy! But of course that's only my opinion. I've complained to OFCOM, but of course I can't speak for anyone else?