Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Syria's Iman Al-Obeidi

Dictatorships are dab hands at organising rent a crowd mobs for their state cameras, making out the hired mobs are spontaneous outbursts of popular love and affection for the dictator, but it only takes the courage of one person to show how false they all are. Here a Syrian lioness, shows exceptional courage in the middle of thousands of Bashar Assad's procured supporters on live TV and it takes tens of Bashar's security men to subdue her. Little they realise that they have lost the game already, the courage of one woman has spoiled their party:


Unknown said...

Of course, Potkin ignores the rapes, torture and murders that took place at the Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo prisons because it might upset his sponsors.

All the opprobrium has to be directed against the IRI and its allies in the region.

This site is just inane propaganda by a blogger who hasn't even visited his native land in 3 decades. How can he be sure about anything which goes on in Iran??!!

WhatsYourDeal said...


I find it funny you leave out the part that those who took part in the inhumane treatment at Abu Ghraib were punished severely for what they did.

Waybec said...

So here was Assad's speech to the Syrian parliament in a nutshell.

'I was thinking about reforms in the year 2000.'

Instant start-stop regimental applause from his sycophantic cronies.

'I then thought about it again in 2005.'

Cue someone standing up to say 'Ooh I love you Mr President, I want to kiss your arse, you should be leader of the entire world.'

Then in closing. 'And hey - guess what? I'm now thinking about reforms again in 2011.'

Oh and yes - the crowds go wild - eveybody in his inner cycle mono-tone applauds him yet again, before then all lining up to shake the hand of the best thing since sliced bread!

Ha, no wonder this woman protester threw herself at his car afterwards. Now no doubt the first of many. A true dictator at work. Surrounded by so many sychopants, yes men and a fear apparatus that all his deluded ego can offer is patronizing platitudes for the people. Still, should Assad's regime now fall, I'm sure his equally despotic pal Khamenei will give him sanctuary. Well for a while at least. Because if Assad's tyranny does fall, then you can guarantee that the Iranian people won't want to be the last stiffled odd man out - surrounded by so much libety and democracy!

Unknown said...


"Severely punished"? 11 U.S soldiers were charged with "dereliction of duty" - several of them were later acquitted or discharged.

Nobody was ever charged with rape, murder and torture.

However, Iran did prosecute those responsible for the Kahrizak prison abuses and they were handed death sentences - although the families pardoned them.

There is the rule of law and due process in Iran but not in America.

Unknown said...

quit your arguing. syrian government is shit, american imperialism is shit, iranian government is shit. they are all fundamentally antidemocratic.

Maya M said...

I used to think USA has democracy and rule of law - thanks to Reza for opening my eyes. I can only suggest to him to provide useful information for Americans wishing to seek political asylum in Iran - where and how they can apply, the forms to fill etc. ;-).