Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Absurdity of US News Channels

We are now in the last week of our US trip. I have learned a lot about the decision making process in America and a lot about the American people. Hopefully I will write in more detail about all this when I get back and have uninterrupted access to the internet.

I have also come to some conclusions about the American TV news channels. Almost since day 1 that we got here, I have been watching the US news channels in my hotel rooms and almost every day, I have heard nothing other than the Foley scandal. Every morning I turn the news on, I think to myself surely there is no more mileage in this Foley affair. What needs to be said is told and the American people can make up their mind about the scandal. Yet after two weeks of being here, the news channels still go on about it, as if there is nothing else happening in the world. Perhaps finally the nuclear test carried out by North Korea will put an end to this ongoing election bickering.

The whole snappy format of the news channels and the constant commercial interruptions are geared for titillating news rather than any in depth information to the public.

The news channels are also more keen on reporting news that will damage the US reputation and credibility. I have been voicing this where ever we go. The PR and the propaganda war is being lost to an enemy that has become the master of propaganda and uses it to the full.


Anonymous said...

US media are bunch of sick leftist media channels who hate US, itself, Bush, Freedom and smell of liberty. They are disgusting. I just cancelled my cable TV subscription becuz I couldnt take CNN's propaganda any more. I am fed up

Anonymous said...


It was a rare treat to meet you last week in Chicago.

I must admit that you are right about the US media. I am not sure whom to feel more sorry for, namely those that have betrayed their ethical duties as reporters or those that readily consume what ever they are fed. People readily consume not because they are thirsty for absolutely any information, but because they do not know any better.

It is, therefore, imperative for you to continue to inform and educate.

Khoda hamrat.

Anonymous said...

Noted Iranian Activist Arrested With Ayatollah Boroujerdi

Anonymous said...

Your observations about the U.S. media is correct. I remember hearing the same arguments from a prolific Iranian/French journalist during his visit to the US several years ago , in which time the US and Cuba battled over custody of Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez. Nonetheless, those of us who want to hear unbiased reports about the entire world often tune in to NPR (National Public Radio).
Can't wait to read the long-winded version of your observations during this trip to the U.S.


Azadi said...
see my blog and if you want link to it.
hope you ll be successful were you fight for freedom and peace

Anonymous said...

Could you please explain for your readers who is sponsoring your visit to the US?

Anonymous said...

Simin -

"Nonetheless, those of us who want to hear unbiased reports about the entire world often tune in to NPR (National Public Radio)."

LOL. NPR unbiased? LOL!

Anonymous said...

To annonymous:

I can assure you that it's not the Islamic Savak (VEVAK) or MOIS who sponsor hoder et al indefinitly with all living expenses paid. Thanks for inquiring.

Azarmehr said...

Let me get back to UK and I will write more about this US trip in detail and answer your question. I have just come back from Memphis where we visited the Monumental Baptist Church, shame we didnt get to meet Rev. kyles who was with Dr. Martin Luther King when he was assassinated. Rev. Kyles was recovering from an by-pass operation at the time.

Anonymous said...

show them the reality inside Iran:

Anonymous said...


Iran: Arbitrary Arrest/ Prisoners of conscience/ Fear of torture and ill-treatment

I think on the average Iran is executing 10 people a day. Lovely!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Khamenei Brandishes a Kalashnikov at US and Israel