Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All This Crowd Cares For

Here is one footage of the pro-government supporters on 11th Feb. See them fight for handouts and how they even step on a picture of Ayatollah Khomeini thats on the ground. This crowd has no convictions, but they have a hungry stomach and they will go to any rally where they can get hold of a bite to eat.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to Google and GEOEYE!

Breaking News:

Keeping an eye on repression
The Famous IKONOS Satellite Image of Azadi Square

It was during this time that Mark Brender, the Vice President of Communications at GeoEye (, an operator of high-resolution Earth imaging satellites, received a call from an unusual customer. A professor at one of Iran’s universities was wondering if a GeoEye satellite would be in position on 11 February, 2010 to take a picture of Azadi Square at the time when Ahamadinejad was giving his 22 Bahman speech.

I spoke with Mr. Brender who received that historic call, and he was eager to read some of the emails he received from grateful Iranians

The lengths this regime went to put on a show pointed exactly at how weak and insecure it has become. Far gone are the days of spontaneous, basij-free, demonstrations to commemorate the revolution. Now they need barricades around Azadi Sq., hundreds of loudspeakers to drown the opposition, every bus available to bring in hardcore supporters from out of town. Not to mention cutting phone texting and the internet as well as arresting scores of activists.

Qassim said...

actually I didn't see any 'fighting' for handouts. Perhaps those who fight for hansouts are Iranian exiles who are fighting for the handout of asylum all around Europe.

Arash said...

When the average monthly income in Iran is £106 people will do anything for a bit of extra basics. So sad :(


Anonymous said...

understand and sympathize with this ex-basij. I know the pain he feels and his upmost regret for supporting the regime. Like him, i too, was a true believer of the I.R.I. system. Personally speaking it was my parents who placed this belief of wilayat faqhi over my eyes, ears, and mind as a child. And with weekly attendance to iranian muslim programs (msapsg) here in los angeles and family friends all supporting this ideology i was absolutely brainwashed into supporting the system and unaware of the brutal realities that the regime posed. I understand this basij when he says his thoughts were not his own. I understand his sense of betrayal and anger at the regime and also at those who lied to him. For none-muslim iranians and irreligious iranian muslims u have to understand we Shias were deceived by a great lie !! And this lie was called Wilayat Faqhi !! Something akin to the christian cult called the Klu Klux Klan of America back in the 1800's. All religions have some manner or form of a cult and for shias it was wilayat faqhi. I am not an apologist of the I.R.I. and I am not defending the regime or the basij. I want the regime to die just as much as anyone else and i want the basij forces disbanded. But what i am asking is for people to understand the power of brainwashing and it's evil consequences.

Anonymous said...

Ex-Basiji tells of ordeal:

Anonymous said...


Seriously see an optician or else ask a trusted person to describe what is happening in this footage :))))))

Anonymous said...

Must see pictures, potkin. It confirms your assertions and others but it's really sad to see our hamvtan in such dire abject poverty.

Bahramerad said...

The Nezam knows that very well - after all they (MULLAHS)have all grown up taking hand outs from people like me & you - They know full well that when you give away free food - money to hungery people - you can buy them and they will do anything to get their gruby hands on it --- see how they paid off hezbullah , Hamas . Osama ben Ladin, The poor Iraqi's- to do their dirty work for it is time to buy the poor Iranians with free food hand outs...

Neda Mehregan said...

The Islamic Republic "supporters" are given free drinks, cake and free bus rides to the city. A prize just for showing up.

The other people get clubbed with batons, are arrested, beaten, shot at and run over.

Yes, you can begin to understand what is going on. This is valihe faghih. This is someone whom god has appointed.

Anonymous said...

You should be quite surprized by the bus depot image.

Here's your bus terminal on a normal day. On 22 Bahman--as can be seen here- the terminal is totally empty. The 2 kilometer long line of buses parked on the street, end to end and sometimes several across, show the extraordinary efforts of the regime to bring "safe" crowds to the speech.

Bus depot on a normal day:

Anonymous said...

Okay. IRI has many supporters, so they just provided transport, as well as food and drink(it gets hot you know), what's the problem?

Other countries don't do the same. Does your UK govt give poor people transport to London for free, with food and drink, to protest? No. Iran do.

Islamic Republic is supported by 99% of Iranians.