Saturday, February 27, 2010

We Are Still Standing

The Killings in Iran continue, more and more are arrested and even though a few traitors may still turn up for embassy dinners and a few British university lecturers may receive awards from Ahmadinejad, but our people are still standing. The blood of our martyrs will not have been spilled in vain.

 Do not ever doubt it, IRAN WILL BE FREE


Sohrab said...

For Iran to be free, we all have to take concrete steps to support the opposition. My plan is to take one meaningful step per week. For example:

- Call or write to members of Congress
- Write letters to the editor/op-eds
- Raise awareness on campus by speaking to students and faculty of conscience
- Reach out to the few journalists and editors I know to urge them to stay focused on Iran
- Etc. etc.

Hidden Author said...

Azarmehr, can you tell me whether you think democracy will stick in Iran once it emerges? It seems to me that the Islamic Republic will last as long as the oil lasts. When the oil leaves, the Islamic Republic will fall.

Then a democratic Iran will be left to cut off the subsidized food, oil, etc. for the masses. Which will promote a revival of Islamic fundamentalism and/or a resurgent communist movement. If that comes to pass, what do you think the likelihood of an Iranian Putin is?

I do hope democracy comes to Iran but I ask you these questions in the hope that you answer and come to think about the future!

Azarmehr said...

Hidden Author,

If anything oil has been a curse to us. Iran is so rich in so many other resources including in its human resources that if we have good government we won't even need oil.

Iranian people have been struggling for democracy for over 100 years now. Today Iranians are THE MOST AWARE people in the region and deserve democracy more than ever.

Azarmehr said...


Those things you said are good and should be done. I would like to add some other points. We need to help solve the information blackout in Iran, this should be our top priority. Also we need to paralyse the AN administration outside Iran. They would not be able to function without the help of the friends they have.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

Rostam Farrokhzad said...

IRAN WILL BE FREE! It has been my watch word for sometime and I truly believe it. Sooner than many traitors imagine the tyranical Islamic Republic and its brutal leaders will fall and when they do every vestige of Islamism will be wiped from Iran.

The path ahead is clear freedom for the people of Iran and death to the evil occupying mullahs and their lackeys.

Waybec said...

There's a lot of power in women. The wives, mothers and sisters of a Nation. If only they could all get together. Go out in the streets without their scarves on. Deny their men of sex or being sub-servient to them! A real big show of defiance from the women would certainly make a start of putting the petty childish and bullying thugs of this gross machischo and monster machine regime in it's place! And this is what this regime is all about - not religion - just greed and male spiteful pride you'd find in any 10 year old! 'A Punch in the nose.' 'Cut off the hands.' 'Death to this, Death to that.' They even talk like spoilt 10 year old brat bullies! Yes, Isreal may well be a 'Microbe of corruption' Mr 'selective intelegence' Ahmandinejad, but the Islamic Rebublic is also a Macro-cosm of cheating hypocrisy and tyranny. Two wrongs in that region don't make a right! The middle East would be better off without the whole bloody lot of yer! Secular politics, and a free and fair proper democracy for all the people in that region. No more debased powers shouting Islamic phobia or anti-semetic statements when you inflict your own war crime abuses and violate basic human rights with your horrors! Don't you understand? The people now demand some far greater ethical imperitives! Fantantical Religion, cowboy imperialism and lobbyist greed is shaming the face of the whole human race. And consequently jeopardizing the entire planet's health as a whole!