Monday, March 15, 2010

Attack on Karroubi's House

Imagine if your house is attacked by a group of fifty or so thugs like shown in these pictures. Imagine in your desperation all you can do is call the police, but when the police comes, the gang leader of the thugs approaches the police commander, has a word in his ear and the police commander sheepishly obliges by returning his men back to the police station and the thugs continue vandalising your house. 

This is the so called Islamic Republic of Iran, where in broad day light a cleric's house is attacked and vandalised without his innocent neighbours being spared either and without any attempt by the authorities to arrest the perpetrators. A lawless country where hired thugs rule the streets.

These are pictures of the attacks on Karrubi's house. 

and meanwhile hapless UK academics and gutless UK students play their part in making Islamic Republic look like a respectable government abroad without raising an eyebrow against the plight of their counterparts in Iran. Here is the Islamic Republic cultural attaché hosting Cambridge university's Wolfson College with a 'halal' dinner party.

To find out more about what happened at Wolfson College, contact the president of the College, Gordon Johnson at 


Rostam Farrokhzad said...

WE should all send to the pathetic bastards at Cambridge telling them what we feel about their hosting an fascist Islamic Republic emissary at a time when that emissary's criminal government is raping Iranian students with bottles and executing them.

As for Karroubi. That criminal deserves every bad thing coming to him. He was part of this criminal regime from its inception and by the looks of the door to his palatial house he has made himself rich while the people of Iran have suffered.

To Hell with all the Hezbollahis.

Amir said...

Funny how idiots like SZ are so ready to attack green protestors as violent and vandals, yet when these arseholes attack a private residency they keep quiet. I wonder if these thugs had a permit to protest!?!

Neda Mehregan said...

Thanks. I've e-mailed this Gordon Johnson and will be interested to see if he responds. It's an absolute disgrace what is happening in British universities.
Particularly so as it has been the students in Iran who have been at the receiving end of the worst atrocities at the hands of the IR.
The support of the British universities for the IR is only in line with the support of the UK
Government with Ahmadinejad.

Anonymous said...

Potkin jan, 99% of Iranians are Moslem. No suprise the food is "halal".

Azarmehr said...

My point about halal is that dining with people who represent the murderers and rapists in Iran is Haram. No food served with these thugs and their representatives can ever be halal

Waybec said...

So this is the face of Khamanie's Islam eh? Defacement! Turning upon a fellow cleric. And graffiti scrawled with all the petty vindictiveness of mindless kids! Yep, that about sums it up doesn't it? A 70 year old who acts like a sulky and surly teenager! If he wasn't already so sickened with the worst aspects of a spiteful male pride, I'd call him a lout...!

Rostam Farrokhzad said...


Potkin jan, 99% of Iranians are Moslem. No suprise the food is "halal".

If that's the case Anonymous why aren't the English "whores" (for surely thats how a good Islamic representative must think of hijabless women) eating with this bastard from the IR Embassy wearing hijabs? In fact why are they eating at the same table with him. Is that not "unIslamic."

Thats the problem that the crazies that support political Islam face. You cant have a "halal" dinner by serving the wine later.

If you want to kow-tow to Islamists like Cambridge University does in the hope of getting your grubby hands on the money of the Iranian people you have to go the whole way ... Hijabs, Jilbabs, Negabs and kissing the Emissary's ass to the maximum. Just kissing his ass and serving orange juice wont do.