Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stay Green and Immortal Forever My Homeland

right now I can listen to this over and over again:

Wherever I have been and whatever sky I have slept under, I have always been with you my homeland,
and now if I am tired because of a dagger in my back, whether I am still standing or already fallen, it has been for you, its been in your path
My Homeland, My Homeland, You stay Green and Immortal Forever!

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Waybec said...

I may be a Brit - but I love discovering world music - French, italian, Russian, Iranian... It doesn't matter, as long as it enriches and broadens the artistic pallet... I notice today that Khamanei's address on Iran's New Year smugly proclaims he's defeated all enermies! Sorry, but you're WRONG! Your true enermy is STILL your own deluded and inflated murdering ego! Look at the Internet..! Look at your own people! Most now hate you simply because your song only serves yourself and the hell choir you've assembled about you. The orchestra of the people STILL just grows louder and louder. And unfortunately due to your hideous crimes against humanity, your final action does deserve to dance to it at the end of a rope!