Friday, March 26, 2010

Message by the Imprisoned Iranian Film Director and Journalist

Mohammad Nourizad, the imprisoned Iranian film director and journalist, was given a chance to call his family after 93 days in solitary confinement. During a conversation which lasted only five minutes, Nourizad wished a happy Iranian New Year to his wife and two children and told them 'It is not important how long I remain here, what is important is that when I come out of here I be able to hold my head high'.

This epic of a resistance to tyranny continues on all fronts.

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Waybec said...

When artists and simple words are oppressed or imprisioned, then the people who sanction such actions really are the lowest of the low... Khamanei truly is the debased opposite of divine! He is nothing but a frightened little animal. King Canute sitting on his egotistical throne - in total denial of all of the tides of logic, reason and decency! It's the old saying - pride comes before a fall!