Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remembering the Iranian Blogger, Omid Mir Sayafi

Its one year today since the Iranian blogger, Omid Mir Sayafi died in suspicious circumstances in Evin prison. Omid blogged about his main passion in life which was Persian classical music but made one grave error when he posed the following question on his blog:
'Mr. Khamenei Can you love me as much as you love Sheikh Nasrollah's son?'

Lets remember him and lets remember the longer the life of this regime is prolonged the more Omids will be missing amongst us.


Arash said...

روحش شاد


Waybec said...

Again, whenever a power fears simple words,then there is only one damning word needed to describe them: Dictatorship! How sad that many people in the 21st Century are STILL imprisioned or murdered just because of words - And often words of truth and courage that just rile some petty vindictive spiteful ego! China's elite of course have this drone mentality where moral's are abandoned to some hive authority. They excuse themselves by getting lost in the Communist ant hill of not really thinking for themselves but only shamefully obeying cruel doctrines... But Khamanei bares sole responsibility for the murder of this passive individual! My sympathies to Omid's family who have to remember him on this day in such unjust and barbaric circumstances.

Neda Mehregan said...

So many of our bright and brave young people have been removed by a treacherous and corrupt regime, to make way for a bunch of witless, illiterate morons let loose with batons to beat and subjugate at their leisure.

There was a conspiracy to destroy Iran which started in 1979. It is only the people of Iran now who can change things and stop this juggernaut of filth and greed to continue on its path of destruction.

Sohrab said...

What's particularly troubling is that Omid wasn't even a political blogger. He just asked one simple question and that was enough to get him murdered.