Monday, March 22, 2010

Googoosh Concert

When it comes to entertainment, Googoosh is a legend amongst Iranians and even amongst other Persian speaking nations beyond Iran's borders. Googoosh has been performing for 56 years since she was three years old. Not only she is a supreme singer with the greatest of vocals but she is a complete all rounder on stage.

At a sell out concert in the Wembley arena last night, marking the Iranian New Year, Googoosh came on stage and straight away wished for a free Green Iran in the new Iranian year. Many Iranian artists avoid getting involved in politics thinking it may alienate some of their fans but Googoosh is one of those giants in Iranian entertainment who doesn't need to worry about a few timid expats unconcerned with what goes on in Iran.

After Googoosh dazzled and electrified the audience with her incredible performances in the first half, she came back on stage after the break dressed in a new chic attire with tears in her eyes and emotions running high, she pointed to Anthony Thomas, the veteran anti-apartheid campaigner and accomplished documentary director/producer sitting in the audience and thanked him for making a new documentary about Neda. Anthony Thomas had found out during the making of the film form Neda's friends how much Neda loved one of Googoosh's old songs, 'Never Forget Me'. The seven thousand crowd in Wembley Arena got up and applauded both Googoosh and Anthony Thomas. Googoosh managed to wipe her tears off, and sing a very emotional version of her ' Get to Know Me and Never Forget Me' for Neda. Once again the whole audience rose up and amongst constant applause some started shouting 'Nedaye ma namorde' - 'Our Neda Hasn't died' Neda meaning voice in Persian it was also meant to appreciate Googoosh's fifty six years of singing consistently at the highest standard.

A member of the audience walked up to the stage and threw a green wrist band with 'Free Iran' written on it. Googoosh picked up the wrist band, put it on her wrist and raided her arm with a clinched fist symbolising the resistance of the struggle by the Iranians, and by doing so once again she moved an appreciative audience into yet another peak of exceptional joy and elation.

It was such a pleasure to see so many thousands of Iranians so truly happy and yet not forgetting the struggle in Iran. One wondered where else in the world can you find a country whose people are so vastly apart from those who rule over them?

For me there was another special moment, when googoosh sang one of her old songs, Kooh, the Mountain. The tall proud mountain that always holds his head high, strong and impassable. It brought back so many memories and I remembered how I always listened to it when I was down. It was just what I needed to re-charge may batteries for the new year.

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Neda Mehregan said...

The Googoosh concert was brilliant. She is such a beautiful and talented artist, respected by so many people of different nationalities around the world.

Had a great time, laughed at her jokes and cried with her over Neda. I am sure she was listening to the roar of the 7000 people who were clapping at the mention of her name.

Afterwards, while hoping she would come back for one more song, I just felt proud that we have such a special star to bring us joy, while grieving over what is happening in Iran.