Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Galloway Begged the Police to Detain Us

I was informed by my friend, Peyvand Khorsandi about a Stop the War meeting in the House of Commons tonight where Galloway was speaking. We decided to go along and meet this stooge of dictators face to face. While queuing to go through the security, we told the policeman who was directing the people to different queues that we were going to Committee Room 19. Two of the Stop the War enthusiasts heard us and cheerily said to us 'Oh we are going to the same meeting as well. Are you Palestenians?' To which we replied 'We like Palestinians but we are Iranians'. The two women got even more excited and replied 'Oh we also support Iran against the West!'. They must have thought all Iranians support the regime in Iran. When I replied 'So why don't you go and live in Iran and allow two Iranian women to come here in your place and enjoy the same privileges you enjoy in the West', their initial enthusiasm was quickly turned into a shock. What a disappointment for them to find out we were not in the same ilk as them.

I asked them if they liked Galloway who used to be best pals with Saddam Hussein and his murderous son, Uday Hussein. They shook their heads and refused to believe that Galloway ever had anything to do with Saddam. I asked them if they would like to give me their emails so I could send them the video links of Galloway calling Uday 'Your excellency' and telling him 'That he is with them to the end'. The two Stop the War devotees however were not what you would call open minded people, more like ostridges with their heads buried in the sand who did not want to know the truth or discuss alternative opinions. They even said 'We are going to tell 'them' to stop you from coming to the meeting' and moved ahead of the queue away from us. So much for open debate and free discussion with these 'useful idiots'.

As we entered the committee room, no one tried to stop us but the stares and the whispers indicated that many were uncomfortable about our presence. I quickly scanned the room, full of 'useful idiots',  SWP's John Rees and Lindsay German were there in the back, but I had managed to get a seat right next to Galloway himself. I was told to move because that chair was reserved for another speaker. Well that was the closest I got to the Supreme Leader I thought and happily obliged to move one chair away.

Press TV presenter and Respect MP, Galloway started the meeting and it wasn't long before he went on about UK police brutality during the Gaza protests in London! My plan was genuinely to wait for question time and say 'You had a moustache when you worked for Saddam, now you work for the Supreme Leader and wear a beard, but however you window dress yourself, you are nothing but a fraud, you can not liberate the people of Palestine by serving brutal dictators', but to be honest given that all of Galloway's pets were there, neither did I think I would be given a chance to ask a question nor did I want to sit through two hours of this bullshit. So I shouted 'How can you go on about police brutality in this country when you work for a regime whose police beat up, kill and rape peaceful protesters?'. That was it. Peyvand started backing me up as well by asking him how he can go on about police brutality in UK but remain silent about all the crimes that are going in Iran? and guess what? The same Galloway who was going on about UK police brutality had to ask the police not only to remove us from the room but he also insisted they detain us in the House of Commons police room until their meeting was over and they had left the building. You can't write a better script than that, can you? what a  hypocrite Galloway and Stop the War mob are! The same brutal 'Fascist' police they were referring to had to help them to hold their meeting.

These pictures were taken before Galloway called the police:

Payvand and I being taken away from the meting with the help of the same 'brutal police' Galloway was referring to:

Islamic Republic's police dragging students out of their dormitories and beating them senseless before they pile their lifeless bodies on top of each other:

UK police running away from Gaza protesters:



Anonymous said...

Your generalization are just funny. Your just as crooked as Galloway you yob...

Anonymous said...

Nicely done mate. :)


Arash said...

Galloway and SWP are hypocrites.

Well done for making sure our voices were heard so he couldn't pontificate unchallenged.


Winston said...

Potkin, you're very courageous. Bravo!

Unknown said...


You greenshirts are great at hijacking and gatecrashing!

Btw, just so you know, I am very upset at the suspension of Etemad newspaper and Irandokht.

This is completely unacceptable and I want everyone here to denounce the press watchdog for this.

That said, Mousavi is trying to create an atmosphere which is not conducive to freedom with security.

Simon Forbes said...

Well done Potkin jan

Shows how pathetic Galloway is that he has to have the police on you for giving him a little bit of heat for his hypocrisy.

Oh incidentally Rees and German and their supporters are out of the SWP now. They (and Galloway) are pretty much discredited now even in those circles.

davem said...

Well done! Man, you've got balls of steel!

Also love the line on the facial hair! Brilliant!

Sohrab said...

Nicely done guys hilarious!

"Mousavi is trying to create an atmosphere which is not conducive to freedom with security."

Reza, have you read a little book called 1984?

saghar4iran said...

ilk, you taught me a new word oh wise one..damet garm Potkin, from now on you can be my body gaurd

Unknown said...

Let me begin by expressing my heartfelt thanks to Potkin, and the other brave warriors, who are out there for us.

As a former colleague of Galloway’s at Press TV, I can tell you that the man's hubris knows no bounds.

His convictions are those of a stalk of wheat bending to the will of the wind; he is a pebble tossed by the current of the sea.

When he visited Tehran in July 2008 to celebrate the First Anniversary of Press TV's launch, from his gushing tributes, you might have imagined him to be a lifelong acolyte of the brutal mullahs; fascists whose money helps to fund a number of Palestinian slush funds, not unfamiliar to Mr Galloway, and his former wife Amineh Abu-Zayyad.

Instead this is the same beast, who fawned on Saddam, when that suited his agenda.
“Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability, and I want you to know that we are with you, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-nasr, hatta al-Quds [until victory, until victory, until Jerusalem].”

And after that to Khamene’i’s brutal torturers:
“All the papers seem to imply that you get executed in Iran for being gay. That’s not true. [He (Iranian asylum-seeker Mehdi Kazemi’s boyfriend) was executed for] committing sex crimes, uh, against young men.”
Of course under the current dispensation all homosexual acts are illegal, and considered sex crimes in Iran.

How is it conducive to the national interests of the UK for Mr Galloway, a sitting Member of the House of Commons to make such strident representations on behalf of the barbarian regime in Tehran; a regime, which systematically hunts down, and assassinates it enemies both at home, and abroad?
How does he justify taking the Iranian Shilling through Press TV? And having displaced through a hateful campaign Oona King, his predecessor as MP for Bethnal Green & Bow should he not accept that his primary concern rests with serving the interests of his deserving constituents?

Instead Galloway spends most of his time preening himself and his ego in one studio after another.

Galloway is that worst of political creatures, a frustrated Soviet. The following is among the choicest words to tumble out of that orifice Galloway keeps beneath his nose:
"I think the disappearance of the Soviet Union is the biggest catastrophe of my life.”
I would beg to differ. The biggest catastrophe of his life stares back at him in the mirror when he shaves. Perhaps Potkin, that is why he has given up on it altogether.

It is time he puts up or shuts up. He has nothing of value to add to the debate in the Middle East, and he should expect further direct action.

Amir said...

Fantastic Potkin.

Parvaneh said...

Well done Potkin. You and Payvand are really courageous to stand up to this stooge Galloway.

Neda Mehregan said...

Great work Potkin. Another example to shame-face this spineless moron.

Although he does not need anyone's help to look like a total fool, e.g. his demeaning and utterly shameful performance on Big Brother speaks volumes for the character of the man, or lack of it.

He claims to be a socialist but doesn't mind the £3000 a time fees being paid to him by Press TV. He is a disgrace and brings the UK parliament down.

Dariush said...

Potkin, i would first and foremost like to commend you not only for your bravery but also the way in which you conduct yourself and convey your point(s) in an articulate, yet potent manner. This also extends to our brother Peyvand.

People of Galloway's ilk are blind and incognizant to the hypocrisy and paradoxical messages they convey, which can only be highlighted by showing them up in the way you did.

I often am misunderstood by impressionable British Muslims that seem to consider our "battle with the west" as a mutual cause. When i reiterate my position to the contrary i'm then considered naive and "ill-informed". There is no way of forming a dialogue with these people and socialist hypocrites, the only hope we have is by educating people unaware of the realities in Iran and stiffling Galloways reach.

Recently, you have commented on the need for more British people to join our cause in standing up to the tyrany in Iran. It's not an easy task as the situation is so complex and the IR has the ability to fight quite a formiddable propaganda campaign with the aparatus at their disposal and the considerable disenchanted youth here in UK. My question is, in your opinion, how do we best set out to raise awareness of the tragedies in Iran and the crimes of IR? Not only with Brits but also disiminating it amongst Iranians with little source for information outside government controlled media? It would be great if you could tackle this issue in an upcoming blog.

Again, i salute you for your work Potkin jan.


barmakid said...


I was going to comment on the same quote!

"Mousavi is trying to create an atmosphere which is not conducive to freedom with security."

HAHAHAHA OH MY GOD. How retarded can people be!?

Reza, before I waste my time responding to such idiocy, tell me, please, do you really believe that?


p.s. Reza, please tell me you didn't grow up in the UK and ended up believing what you do. I mean, for SZ I understand; he's been indoctrinated growing up in Iran. And plus, his income is tied to the continuation of this government. But YOU! Your just an idiot bro.

Anonymous said...

Amen, bro. Galloway is insane. Too bad he has a cadre of very rich followers and benefactors...

angrysoba said...

Great post! The look on George Galloway's face was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Agha damet garm !!
az in sooye oqyanoos dasthayetan ra miboosam.
i wish i was there so i could accompany you.
I used to think this guy was a decent man for opposing the Iraq war, but it wasn't long before i found out not only he's not anti-war, but he is pro everything that is violent, senseless, and fascist.
I know you have probably seen them already, but I suggest everyone to watch his videos vs. Christopher Hitchens on YouTube...busted real bad !!
especially the two of them appearing on "Real Time with Bill Maher"
I should confront him next time he comes over to the states to spread his islamo-fascist agenda.

Anonymous said...

I'm no supporter of Galloway or the Supreme Leader but you're barking up the wrong tree if you think Western liberal 'free' markets are going to save Iran.

Ahmadinejad is implementing a policy of the most extreme free markets imaginable. He's basically the Iranian Reagan/Thatcher. The only difference between having him or a Western stooge in power is the public 'morality' - there would still be huge economic problems for the majority of Iranians. Trickle down economics don't work, take-off economics even less so.

Mousavi recognises this which is why he promotes social-democratic egalitarian policies, something entirely different to what Potkin advocates.

Waybec said...

Well lots of comments - and deservedly so. Old 'Lord Whore-Whore' wants his two-faced blustering ego bruised a bit more often! Well done Potkin.

Unknown said...


Potkin knows I am from taghooti stock.

I am a nationalist. I reject a "green movement" sponsored by foreigners who want Iran to become their fiefdom again.

I am a Shia Muslim: I support wilayat-al-faqih.

I am a republican: I denounce monarchists and communists.

Samira Mohyeddin said...

Hi Potkin joon, good on you for speaking up. Galloway and his best friend professor turned celebrity Dabashi are shining examples of the the so-called lefts hypocrisy and cultural relativism when it comes to human rights.

ba mehr,


Samira Mohyeddin said...

Commendable as always Potkin. Galloway and his like minded comrade Hamid Dabashi (professor turned celebrity) are shining examples of how the left left Iran in the lurch. Why do you think it is that a bleeding Iranian is not worth as much fodder as a bleeding Iraqi or Palestinian? Is it because 'our' own people are doing it to us? The left's hypocrisy and cultural relativism when it comes to human rights must be exposed.

ba mehr,

Jared Israel said...

A few thoughts.
1) The new video of June 15 should be seen by everyone in the West. It is an education in itself. Thank you for posting it. Let's get it to everyone we can.
2) Good for you (for all decent people!) confronting Galloway. It is outrageous that, emblematic of the grotesque caricature that has alas become the Left, this creature can speak anywhere without counter-demonstrations.
3) Regarding your thought that "you can not liberate the people of Palestine by serving brutal dictators," I wonder what you mean. The organizations which, in historical fact, have mobilized Arabs in the disputed territories and within Israel for 'liberation' have all been (and remain!) brothers-in-spirit of the IRI mullahs, for example murdering Arabs who dare to associate with Jews, making it legally a crime punishable by death to sell land to any Jew, indoctrinating children in texts taken straight from old Vatican and Nazi antisemitism, and so on – including in their schools, and on radio & TV. (Fatah/PLO every bit as much as Hamas.) 'Liberation' is by definition a response to oppression, and the Arabs living in the territories are oppressed by the physical brutality, enforcement of grotesque and mysoginist rules of behavior, and indoctrination of children (an extreme form of child abuse!) in Islam-flavored Nazism; this by both Hamas and Fatah. These Arabs (dubbed 'Palestinians,' though many if not most are immigrants from wherever) are victims who victimize; witness their use against not only Israeli Jews and dissenting Arabs, but also (especially during the past nine months) against Iranians. If you think that Fatah, Hamas, Hezbollah and the like are the forces from whom Arabs need liberating, I heartily agree. Just as the Germans needed to be liberated from the Nazis.

Anonymous said...

The BBC is several orders of magnitude worse than PressTV. A long line of British officials have praised the BBC as a valuable tool in spreading disinformation. There are several scholarly books with specific references that outline the BBC's willingness to prostitute itself to the UK government.

As for these two bloggers, what they have done is a perfect display of ignorant, colonized mentality; what many have called the house-slave mentality. I have never heard Galloway actually call IRI a democracy. In certain instances he (and many others) have said that specific aspects of Iran are more democratic than their Western equivalents. And, that is absolutely correct, keyword being "specific aspects". But Galloway needs not to defend himself against this sort of mud throwing. If you wrestle with pigs, only you get dirty!

Just in case these gentlemen can't add things up for themselves...who won the 2000 election in US? Certainly, Bush didn't. The US Supreme Court designated him the winner, just as Khamenei and his ilk designated Ahmadinejad the winner. And keep in mind that there is far more evidence of fraud in 2000 election. And who won the 2004 US elections? This time Bush did it alone, again with more evidence of fraud than the elections in Iran. And how about Blair and Brown? Are they executing the will of the British people? Well, maybe a bit more than Ahmadinejad is executing the will of the Iranian people.

PressTV is propaganda, but if not less certainly no more than BBC, CNN, etc. However, to have the acumen to see through Western duplicity and propaganda requires first and foremost shedding the house-slave mentality.

Freedom for Iran said...

"this is the face of the green movement"
- George Galloway

Galloway's a dog, but in parliament he holds this opinion about the green movement because of the heckling of potkin and peyvand. quite simply, these two trashed a perfectly good opportunity to make their points in an positive way to everyone present. what was the constructive outcome? nothing - they were fast removed by security, galloway had a laugh at their expense and carried on wth the event. Nothing gained, no progress.

I could see peyvand smiling nervously when potkin started heckling, and the tremor in his voice sounded shakey like a leaf. maybe he felt it was the wrong approach to ridiculing and exposing galloway, but went ahead with it anyway.

All at the expense of the 'green movement'. I would suggest you two, who clearly have a heart full of love for your motherland (iran), to think more about what your doing to help further the green movement.

Anonymous said...

Welldone to the both of you and the photographer too.

I called the so called "Stop the War Coal." about four months ago and asked if perhaps they should also take a lead in denouncing violation in Iran. They asked me to email them nd promised to get back to me. I would not be surprised if this guy would have passed on my details to the IRI.

Potkin and Co well done again and god speed.

As Mousavi said, we are all the media and responsible for disseminting and educating people.

God Bless.

Behrooz, London

Homayoun Mobasseri said...

Well done job ....
There should be more of these interventions....

barmakid said...


First let me say, just because you are Shia does not mean you should support Velayat-Faqih. In fact, many Shia maraja do not support it and find it to be an embarrassment to political Shiism.

Second, YOU CANNOT SUPPORT VELAYAT-FAQIH AND CALL YOURSELF A "REPUBLICAN." They are opposite concepts. Just because there is a head of state does not make them compatible. The head of state in a republic gathers his legitimacy from the people.

In a Velayat-faqih (VF) system supreme authority lies with one man who derives his legitimacy from God (supposedly).

The citizens did not vote for Ali Khamenei. Iran is not a Republic by definition. Stop acting delusional.

Thirdly, you say you are not a monarchist. Well, again you fail to recognize reality. What do you think this government is? It's nothing less than a religious monarchy!! Don't believe me? Well take into consideration the words of one of Khomeini's own appointees, Mehdi Bazargan (who was personally appointed to run the provisional government in 1980):

"With the help of numerous details and arguments we have examined the VF from every side, both in its rational-political aspects and from the angle of the Quran, Islamic tradition, and Islamic law, and we must judge it as 100% destructive. From a political point of view, the VF is despotism and means a REGRESSION BACK TO THE STATE WE HAD HOPED TO OVERCOME WITH THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTION. From a religious point of view it is polytheism (shirk) and a totalitarian personality cult (faruniyat)."

So, in essence, you are no where close to being republican. You belong to a cult bro.


Sohrab said...

Thank you, barmakid!

efsha said...

If this Saddam lover is a believer of him why he is in touch with Saddam's old enemies(Mullas)now and admiring them?
Mullas cooperated with US and Uk in attack to Iraqi people and murdering them. How come he admire Saddam and his enemies too? Some of his views and rationales should be wrong.
It does not need any talent to find out that Mullas are against Human Rigths for example in Iran government is going to fire professors who are not believing to Non democratic ruling of suprime leader( Velayate faghieh): It means if a university teacher is a beliver of democracy and Human Rights will be banned from teaching in universities in Iran.
We should published this facts in Uk media and show that Mr.Galloway is wrong;even he is doing this game by purpose.

efsha said...

If this Saddam lover is a believer of him why he is in touch with Saddam's old enemies(Mullas)now and admiring them?
Mullas cooperated with US and Uk in attack to Iraqi people and murdering them. How come he admires Saddam and his enemies at same time? Some of his views and rationales should be wrong.
It does not need any talent to find out that Mullas are against Human Rigths and democracy for example in Iran government is going to fire university professors who are not believing to Non democratic ruling of suprime leader( Velayate faghieh): It means if a university teacher is a believer of democracy and Human Rights will be banned from teaching in universities in Iran and will lose their job.
We should published this facts in Uk medias and show that Mr.Galloway is wrong;even he is doing this game by purpose.
I appreciate your efforts to show Mr. Galloway is against justice and wisdom in his relationship to Iranian tyranny rulers but it is more important to find out ways to expose wrong view of people like Mr.Galloway.

a pmoi supporter said...

I saw the video and want to say well done. and i know how hard is that listening to those rubbish but next time take much more control to take far more of it. he is nothing but we should change the others around him. he's drunk of our oil and the money gifted by mullahs.
most people know what kind of hypocrite is he unless be a idiot like Muslims extremists

Amo ergo sum said...

great post, good fun and courageous.

Anonymous said...

OK, so you are the threatening opposition that Galloway refers to in his interview with Ahmadinejad? It's you he needs protection from? OMG... Is he serious??