Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Czech NGO Reward for Iranian Students

No one knows the plight of Iranian people like those who have also lived under the rule of totalitarian states. Two activists and representatives of Iran's student movement, Abdollah Momeni and Majid Tavakoli, are this year's recipients of the Homo Homini Award, which is awarded annually by the Czech NGO People in Need "in recognition of a dedication to the promotion of human rights, democracy, and nonviolent solutions to political conflicts."

Thank you very much to the people of Czech Republic, nice to know that not everyone is like SOAS lecturer Anna Contadini.

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Unknown said...

Well, I have my won my own award.

I have one a dispute with The Times newspaper about the reporting of Martin Fletcher.

Of course, Potkin is one of The Murdoch media's primary sources of "information" - what a surprise!