Thursday, March 24, 2011

Close OFCOM Now! Sack Adam Baxter

OFCOM has once again ruled in favour of Press TV: See:

This time, Adam Baxter, OFCOM's standards executive, has decided
"Given the broadcaster's assurances that both Sakineh Ashtiani and her son willingly participated in this programme, we considered that the context was not materially misleading so as to cause harm and offence,"

Have you ever come across a more clueless and stupid executive than Adam Baxter? Who on earth would take Press TV's assurance that Sakineh and her son, Sajjad were willing participants in the program? Did Adam Baxter go to Iran and interview Sakineh and Sajjad himself? If they were so willing, then why were no foreign reporters allowed to interview them?

And how can Adam Baxter accept such assurance, when Maziar Bahari, held and tortured in Iran after last June's protests, has already referred Iran's Press TV to Ofcom after it sent a journalist to cover his interrogation in prison?

OFCOM's Tel: 0300 123 3333 or 020 7981 3040
OFCOM's email: or


Dariush said...

Further proof that there is money being exchanged to serve the regime's interests, without any doubt.

Waybec said...

Well... Either Adam Baxter lacks moral intelligence - doesn't care - has been bought off or OFCOM as a whole is now just this outmoded and impedent outdated body that needs a radical over haul. Perhaps all 4 since OFCOM has also caved in to Rupert Murdoch eh? So if you're an unscrupulous neo-con media mogul, or a billonaire dictator, then hey - Roll up, Roll up - and just come to Britain! I'm sure Adam Baxter can fix up and secure a nice little lying and bigoted TV Channel for you! Ha, far from sacking him Potkin, I wouldn't be at all surprised if my own Monty Python country ends up knighting him!

Neda Mehregan said...

In my experience every time there has been an issue, the British establishment has chosen to take the IR's side. There are numerous Islamic Republic "charities" or Islamic centres all over the UK, Press TV, mosques, university funds and political lobbyists, you name it, the UK is awash with IR promoters.

I called OFCOM and registered my complaint against its decision to clear Press TV. As I said in a previous comment, and this is yet another example of backing by the West, the reason the IR is so audacious and brazen is because it has Western support.

A Fan said...

You wont win this because the bastards have far more money than you do and its money that has influence.

Bob Marley said...

Gwan wid da righteousness! Dont worry about a thing cos every little thing is gonna be alright

Unknown said...


You are so democratic! When OFCOM rule against PressTV's "biased" coverage of the Gaza onslaught, you hail the decision but when they reject other complaints you demand that the ombudsman be closed down!!!

Just like with the election, you only accept outcomes you agree with. Democracy means not having your way all of the time.

Waybec said...

Nice to have you back Reza. I totally disagree with everything you say of course, but in a strange way I kinda like ya. A chance to spar and see which side of history ultimately proves us either right or wrong? However, I'm quite willing to accept defeat in the light of unbaised, democratic, free from any regime propaganda truth. How about you...??? Peace...