Tuesday, March 22, 2011

STW, No Enthusiasm for the Syrian Protests?

At the height of Iran's Green Movement protests, Stop the War Coalition scum either remained silent or some members even backed the Ahmadinejad administration openly in their meetings. Those who remained silent justified their silence by saying they are predominantly an anti-war organisation and no war or invasion was taking place in Iran. Now that would have been a fair enough excuse had they been consistent and not been so active in supporting the anti-Mubarak opposition, and I am talking about even before the Egyptian revolution and at the same time they were refusing to back the Iranian anti-regime protests.

During the Egyptian uprising, Stop the War Coalition were full of it, organising rallies and meetings left, right and centre. Had a war taken place in Egypt? Was Egypt invaded? None of that was relevant to the likes of Lindsey German the tape recorder, what mattered was that the Egyptian protests fitted with the agenda of the STW's leadership. They are not against war, they are not against massacres, they are not for liberty and freedom, they are about an agenda pursued by self hating rich Western kids who will support any anti-Western dictator.

And to prove the point, is their further lack of enthusiasm in supporting the recent protests in Syria:


lissnup said...

Well done for highlighting the hypocrisy of STW, I had no knowledge of this before I read your post. I only wish they were the only group displaying double standards, but sadly, they are not.

Waybec said...

Can't speak for the STW, but let's all wish the freedom loving Syrian's well. Not only to remove that butcher tyrant Assad. But to also leave Khamenei with one less bolt hole to run away too! The BIG MASSIVE flame for freedom and liberty really does need to re-ignited in Iran again though. Otherwise the smug IRI will continue to claim that they really have snuffed out your democratic fire through fear! But as other Arab Nations are consistantly showing us, it is the DEATH of fear that is leading them to their victories!

in the vanguard said...

You blame, "rich Western kids who will support any anti-Western dictator."

This is the wrong target group, my friend. The people who have no true ideals except those they pout to push their own sly agenda are your so-called "liberals", the leftists, the ones not proud of America; Sadly much of today's Democratic party.

Tomsenior said...

I share your suspicions about Stop the War Coalition. I have supported this group on numerous occasions in the past and went on marches with them in protesting about the Israeli acts of piracy against the convoys attempting to break the siege of Gaza as well as on marches in support of the revolution in Egypt. However, their silence on the horrors that are occurring in Syria worries me - surely they should be organising protests about this and showing the Syrian people that we have not forgotten them? I emailed STWC on this matter but so far have received no reply.