Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ahmadi-Nejad's Brother Denies Palizdar's Claims

President Ahmadi-Nejad's brother, Dawood, head of the President's Inspectorate Commission, condemned Palizdar's allegations in a press conference, saying when someone's false allegations unsettles the stability in the country, silence is not condoned.

Iranian president's brother said 'Palizdar's claims that there was also a problematic case against me but it was ignored because I am related to the president is not true.'

Some Western media wrongly reported Palizdar as an ally of president Ahamdi-Nejad who is championing the fight against the corrupt clerics.

Meanwhile Fatemeh Ajorloo, the Karaj representative to the Islamic Majlis, threatened to disclose documents she has on the sale of university entrance exam questions by high ranking officials in the Islamic Republic. Ajorloo who is related to Abbas Palizdar and worked with him on the Judicial Inquiry and Research Commission, made the threats after her house was searched by the Law Enforcement Forces in relation to Palizdar's disclosures.

The Judiciary spokesman, Alireza Jamshidi, said 11 arrest warrants have been issued against people connected to Palizdar.


Winston said...

Okay, off topic; Why do all these regime officials look like ugly thugs?

Anonymous said...

That is what they are, Ugly Thugs

Hanif Leylabi said...

Yeah, the Shah was a much finer specimen..! Must be the good breeding!

Winston said...

hanif, why the likes of you have to be constant assholes and pain in the butt? Who is talking about the Shah here you clueless commie moron? Get a life dude! what a pathetic creature you are and how miserable your life is that you have become a Communist. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

hey comrade zaeef, u r pathetic

Azarmehr said...

Hanif's finer specimen:

1) Karl Marx: Raped his nanny and got her pregnant, and made lots of racist remarks, called Mexicans Lazy and referred to his political rival, Lasalle several times as nigger, including in July 1862 in a letter to Engels, in reference to his socialist political competitor, Ferdinand Lassalle, Marx wrote, "... it is now completely clear to me that he, as is proved by his cranial formation and his hair, descends from the Negroes from Egypt, assuming that his mother or grandmother had not interbred with a nigger. Now this union of Judaism and Germanism with a basic Negro substance must produce a peculiar product. The obtrusiveness of the fellow is also nigger-like."

2) Engels - A complete bourgeoise and a capitalist. Also made racist remarks and referred to Paul Lafargue as having 1/8 nigger blood.

3) Lenin - A child murderer who came to power by betraying his country and soliciting the support of the Germans who finaced his take over of Kerensky's democratically elected government.
In return for foreign backing and betrayal of his country, he signed the humiliating treaty of humiliating Treaty of Brest-Litovsk giving vast amounts of his country to the Germans.

Lenin massacred thousands of opposition, some for simply belonging to the "wrong class" . Lenin's economic policies led to the famine of 1921 which killed 5 million people.
Lenin set up the secret police 'Cheka' and ordered them to take innocent hostages and shoot them at random to create sheer terror which will keep the population submisive.

These are just three of Hanif's fine specimen and heroes. Named after "shaheed Hanif" who himself set up a notorious organisation which to this day "purges" and tortures and imprisons its own members.

Meanwhile, Reza Shah, a brave soldier of humble background imprisoned 53 political prisoners during his 16 year reign until he was overthrown by the British who hated him. Only one of the 53 was executed. What a terrible, terrible dictator Reza Shah was!!! :))))))))))))))))))))))

Such is the logic of a brain washed member of the SWP cult.

Hanif Leylabi said...

Winston - I bet you don't even really know what I believe in do you?

And since you had a link to the Pahlavi's on your blog I guessed you have some support for him and thought I'd highlight how ridiculous your comment about ugly regime people was.

1) Karl Marx has written a wealth on racism, slavery and how capitalism has relied on them both in the past. Workers of ALL countries unite and all. To try and accuse Karl Marx of racism is academically primative. Go and actually read some books rather than copy and pasting off right wing websites.

2) How on earth was Engels a capitalist?

3) Lenin helped lead a succesful revoplution which overthrew a tyrannical feudal state and freed workers from oppression, legaised homosexuality and abortion, massively increased literacy rates etc. Do you think the tyranny won't fight back? Do you think you can avoid cruel acts yourself in such a situation? No of course you can't. No conflict is pretty.

Lenin didn't order random murders that's an absolute lie. But traitors and fifth columnists had to be killed en masse.

You clearly know nothing about the Russian Revolution apart from the tidbits you've read from aloof bourgeois academics.

I think the famines might have had something to do with the sieges of the imperialist armies and the Whites! And if he was so controlling, then how come at no time did the Bolsheviks control a majority of Soviets? Why would he let that happen?

And you can hardly compare the PMOI of today with the orignial organisation, not that i support either.

The Shah only held 53 politics prisoners. Of course that's true, you carry on believing that. Evin was built with american money for a handful of people (who weren't torturerd of course. no one ever had their nails ripped off or anything like that) and SAVAK were a charming bunch of people I'm sure. And no one was murdered in protests in Qom or Tabriz and of course. Black Friday never actually happened. what a joke

Azarmehr said...

QED! Mr. Know it all Proletariat thinks SAVAK and Evin were during Reza Shah's time!! :)))))
Need I say any more really???

Isn't it funny how every time you justify a Bolshevik crime by saying it was fighting against tyranny, yet Reza Shah's fight against the mullahs and the religious reactionary tyranny and the British backed seperatists was not fighting tyranny?!

How does PMOI of today not compare with PMOI of 'that day'?? Didn't the murder of their own members happen in those very days when a splinter group became fully fledged Marxist and call itself Paykar?!

Hanif I give up with you. Not only your knowledge of Iran is Zilch but I don't even think you know how the Bolsheviks came to power and who they overthrew and what Engels did for a living and what Karl Marx did with his nanny!

Hanif Leylabi said...

Sorry I miss read. The names are similar I'm sure you'll agree.

He may have started as a humble soldier but he quickly went on to become a fat cat land owning tyrant who also massacred protesters and introduced strict censorship.

And he imprisoned the people's leader Mohammad Mossadeq. One of the great crimes of the Pahlavi dynasty.

The PMOI was a dynamic organisation with mass support. It wasn't a husband and wife cult which demanded 'permanent internal ideological revolution' with Massoud Rajavi as their ideological leader.

I know very well how the Bolsheviks came to power and I know very well what forces of evil they had to defend the revolution against. And it's not just Communists who believe this. Look at anarchists like Victor Serge.

Do you mean engles worked in the family business for a time? Doesn't matter that he fought in a revolutionary war, not to mention his works such as anti-dühring (which i'm sure you've never read)

and i've never heard of Marx raping his nanny and it doens't sound anything like a stupid smear ...

Azarmehr said...


I don't think the names Mohammad Reza Shah is similar to Reza Shah and even if I did, I am not sure how you still didn't get clued up when I mentioned 'humble beginnings'. How can you have assumed that about Mohammad Reza Shah? As I said you lack attention to detail or you really don't know that much about Iran.

Now you tell me you dont like people who are bourgeoise, how is it that Mossadegh or full name Mossadegh-ol-Saltaneh, a Qajar prince who was bestowed government posts even at the age of 13 purely because of his Qajar royal blood, and a freemason and a big feudal land owner is not bourgeoise enough for you? Be honest what would Lenin have done with someone like Mossadegh given what he did with Kulaks and other opponents?

I am really not aware if Reza Shah ever arrested Mossadegh but even if he did - I check again - compare this to what Lenin did to those who opposed him.
Yet what Reza Shah did to the Qajar dynasty was an example of fair play at the time in a country like Iran in which every royal dynasty committed genocide against the previous. Again when it comes to Islamic Republic you compare it with countries in the region and when it comes to the Pahlavis they are compare to Switzerland by people who have your mindset.

Unlike Lenin who personally ordered the murder of Romanov children, Reza Shah acted humanely and legally with the Qajar dynasty. No Qajar children were executed or anyone harmed for being a Qajar, and the former king continued to receive wages in exile from the government and Qajar descendants continued to live and work and get government posts without harm. Even the Communist Party of Iran, the Tudeh, was founded by a Qajar prince.

In fact Reza Shah wanted to establish a Republic but was forced by the Shiite clergy to declare a new dynasty and continue with monarchy.

The lies about his huge wealth and hidden assets in banks outside Iran was a lie propagated by the BBC Persian service to turn Iranians against him by the British. This became apparent when the new government after Reza Shah asked England to return the bank accounts which Reza Shah was supposed to have which then tured out to be completely fabricated by the BBC and the British.

Sounds like you have read all the smear campaigns against Reza Shah but not the truth about Reza Shah.

And if you are so much against invasion why was it ok for the British and the Russians to invade Iran after the war and force the great nationalist reformist Reza Shah to abdicate?

The British wanted to re-install the Qajar dynasty and had Prince Hamid Mirza in mind as the new king. But Prince Hamid who was an officer in the British navy didnt speak any Persian!! Yet you tell us you are against invasion of another country and removing nationalist leaders! Bollocks you are, only if they dont appeal to your warped ideology which has gripped you like a cult victim.

Yes anyone can write against racism etc. but some cannot practice what they preach, I have come across many of such Left wing or religious intellectuals in my life. The letters in which Marx uses the insults liek 'nigger jew' are mentioned in Frncis Wheen's biography of Karl Marx, which has won many awards. Are you disputing this book as a reliable bio of karl Marx?

Perhaps you should also research on Marx's housekeeper, Lenchen Demuth.

Hanif Leylabi said...

Well given two names out of the 3 are exactly the same, I'd say they were pretty similar

Mohommad Mossadeq was a popular and democratic leader. Democracy was cuppered with the help of your beloved Reza Shah.

Tell me what did Lenin do to the Kulaks?

Reza Shah wasn't introducing a new system that had to be stamped out. He was making a new dynasty. Your comparison is futile.

Of course, Reza Shah King of Persia was not very rich at all. Are you for real?

When did I say it was ok for Brits and soviets to invade?

Azarmehr said...

Well you lot keep talking about the 1953 coup but you never condemn the British and Soviet invasion of Iran, at a time when Iran was at its most modernising period. Why? because that military intervention removed Reza Shah.

What democracy was there when it was "cuppered" by Reza Shah? Please enlighten me. There was no central government, the British through their cleric puppet Sheikh Khaza'al were trying to remove Khuzestan from Iran, the Russians were trying the same with the Guilan province with their cleric puppet Mirza Koochak Khan and another cleric, Sheikh Khiabani had renamed the Azerbijan province as an independent republic. The whole Iran was falling apart, people were dying of famine and Iran's population was decreasing every year due to famine and disease, only a few percent of Iranians were literate, there were no proper schools, no universities, feudal landlords were making the serfs work to death, Taliban like clerics were ruling the country in reality and you think there was a democracy which Reza Shah ended??!!

Suddenly the very same person who always says economic conditions are more important than democracy and Hejab, becomes such an advocate of a pretend parliamentary democracy.

Like I said your criteria is not democracy, human rights, people's well being, secularism or anything like that, if its anything to do with Pahlavis you have to bash it. You seem to have a bone to pick when it comes to the Pahlavis.
As Havel says you lot do not have ideology to serve the people with, you sacrifice people for the sake of your ideology, because you think your ideology is so superior. Exactly the same as religious zealots.

So are you saying that Mossadegh was not an aristocrat born with a silver spoon and given government posts at the age of 13 purely because of his royal Qajar background? Do you think anyone deserves to run a province at the age of 13? Is that SWP meritocracy?and what happened to him after the 1953 coup, which was supported by the Shiite clerics? 3 Years in prison!
Hardly the reaction of a bloodthirsty regime which you would like to make out. What would Lenin have done? Killed Mossadegh's children because they may have posed a threat when they grew up? Compare the convicion of Mossadegh with what Islamic Republic has done with teenagers caught handing out political leaflets in teh 80, execution of pregnant women, rape of virgin girls before execution....yet you always have something good to say about the Islamic Republic. 'Oh more people are vaccinated now!' Well of cours ethey fucking are, its 3 decades and the population is doubled you morons.

Your entire view of Pahlavis is the same as the Iranian Communists of that era. They concentrated on the political dictatorship ignoring the religious tyranny and backwardness that went parallel and was much more devastating than the shortcomings of the political system.

Bahramerad said...

When I first read this piece I thought it was about Palizdar's allegations and how the monkey's brother, Dawood had put his two pennies worth of nonsense in. but then reading the stupid comments afterwards from Hanief - I realised that people like him and Bar Man Kid are only coming on to this site to divert the conversation and retell their stupid mantras about the traitor Mossadegh and swear at the Pahlavies.
Well, count me out of this mate. I do not wish to have anything to do with the likes of these monkeys.
They deserve Ahmaghi Nejad and his fascist brother.
And by the way who gives a monkeys ass what Lenin or stalin said or did.
They belong to the recycling dustbins of history.
But then again I suppose — any scrap of shit is worth talking about by these Johnny come lately commies.

Hanif Leylabi said...

It's Hanif not Hanief agha Ahmaghi...

And Marxism has shaped the political debate of the 20th century. Go to any university and it is on the academic agenda.

I'm really not trying to divert attention from anything (while this blog is active and I'm sure well read it's hardly a propaganda threat to anyone!)

Winston said...

Hanif or Zaeef, you're just a loser. A Commie loser. How shameful

Anonymous said...

Lets check the communism legacy in Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam, Yemen, Libya, African Sahara and sub-sahara, latin America and any other shit hole it has gone to. Not one single positive thing has come out of the asses that this moron Hanif promotes here. Nada, zilch, zero, nothing. Only Misery, bloodshed and mental derangement. Thank goodness these morons have no real power in the west any more.

Anonymous said...

Azarmehr, ignore this Marxist idiot for good. The more you DEBATE him, the more he goes nuts. Leave him alone

Azarmehr said...

Hanif is a good kid but as it is evident from his comments, not knowledged enough about Iran. His knowledge comes from the likes of Elaheh Rostami, Haleh Afshar, Abbas Edalat and other regime's stooges.

Hanif and his arguments remind me a lot of many of my childhood friends in Iran who were brainwashed by the Communists. They too were good kids, just misguided. I am still in touch with many of them, we remained friends despite our ideological differences, and those of them who are alive, all regret the phase they went through then, they wish there was some one then who could have set them on the right path and told them the truth. If we dont publish Hanif's comments and don't debate with him and tell him the other versions, which he never hears about, then who will??

I even look forward to meeting Hanif one day and have a friendly debate with him. Who knows may be he will even throw away that wretched keffiyeh, that symbol of Baseej, ignorance and thuggery and wrap a Sun and Lion flag around him instead. Bit too optimistic may be :)))

Anonymous said...

Hanif=loser Commi

Hanif Leylabi said...

Anon - You don't know anything about the Party I am a member of or its politics. Go and read up before you come out with such crap. If you knew even a little bit then you might be embarassed about talking about vietnam and Libya etc.
Maybe you've forgotten our past conversations but my flag is the shir o khorshid. And for the record I've never met Haleh Afshar and never had a conversation with Abbas Edalat.

And there are people older than you who agree with me so I really don't think age comes into it. But if it comforts you to patronise me, then be my guest.

The Keffiyeh is a symbol of Palestinian resistance. Or do you support the Israeli occupation?

Anonymous said...

Oh Hanif, these guys support the Israeli occupation as bad as they would like to eat maust khiar off the Shah's unshaven belly. It is useless to discuss such an intricate topic with such superficial people.

ya marg ya mossadeq!!


p.s. Winston, your a bitter man stuck in the 60s. Get over yourself and your childhood dream of fondling the Shah's balls; Azarmehr already accomplished it:)

Anonymous said...

Palestinian resistance or terrorism? LOL! get a life Ahmagh

Azarmehr said...

'ya marg ya mossadeq' :))

Well it looks like Marg because Mossadeq is not going to come back.

If you add up Hanif's knowledge on Mossadeq and all of Barmakid's knowledge on Mossadeq, you would still struggle to fill up just one side of an A4 paper.

You shouldn't say death or this and that and die for things you know nothing about! ALthough not that I ever believe your purely cyber space bravado Barmakid!

Winston said...

Commies crack me up...