Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Total Victory for Teacher Training Students

All the demands made by the Teacher Training Students were met by the university administration after the students at this college went on hunger strike for 11 days. 120 students had taken part in the hunger strike and 3500 had joined the sit in protest in solidarity with the hunger strikers.

Forty other universities across Iran had threatened to join their hunger strike if the demands made by the Teacher Training College students were not met. Sixteen hunger strikers were taken to hospital after collapsing.

Negotiations between student representatives, the university officials and the university Herasat (university informers) which had been going on since yesterday morning came to a close at 10 pm last night after all the demands made by student representatives were met.

These demands were:

- Resignation of the university deputies
- Written apology by university Herasat (university informers) who had made threats against families of the students
- Maintaining minimum standards of dormitories
- Improvement in canteen food and hygine
- return of the use of central library facilities to students
- No disciplinary action against the protesting students

The Dean of the university had been insistent on bringing at least 8 of the protesting students before the disciplinary committee, but the student representatives remained adamant on all their demands.

There are lessons to be learned here, this total victory was achieved because the students remained united, resolute and did not waver. Other universities came to their support and threatened mass action across all Iranian universities. Their demands were reasonable and achieveable.

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Winston said...

The number of protests have been too many these days and I can't really keep track of them any more.

Winston said...

gave you a link!

Hanif Leylabi said...

brilliant news, have you got a link to a news source? would like to sned it out to people