Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mashad Protests on Youtube

Thank heavens for Youtube or we would still be relying on BBC correspondents sitting in their offices waiting for official newsfeed from the Islamic Republic for news about Iran.

See film footages of Mashad protests against the plunder of Iran by the financial mafia of the ruling clerics on you tube by clicking on the links below:

Up to 10,000 people were reported to have taken part in the Mashad demo.

Meanwhile around sixty relatives of those arrested in Tehran in demos against the financial corruption of the clerics, gathered outside the courts and demanded the release of their loved ones. Amongst the arrested are Saeed Aryan, 16 years of age and five of his brothers. They were arrested simply because the crowds who were fleeing from club wielding Baseej and plain clothes agents had seeked shelter in their shop which was nearby.


Winston said...

I am on this too. Gave you a link and will spread the word quick

Anonymous said...

Now it appears that Plizdar himself was a thief ...

"Palizdar was arrested Wednesday morning and charged by a Tehran prosecutor with "propagating lies" and "confusing public opinion." An Iranian bank, Mellat, also pressed charges against Palizdar for not paying back a business loan worth approximately $6.6 million that he received 16 years ago, Fars News reported." - Washington Post.

This is fantastic the rats are begiing to jump off the sinking stinking ship that is the Islamic Redpublic.

Azarmehr said...

You are a bit behind RF aren't you?

There are people like Hossein Derakhshan, who want to give Ahmadi-Nejad credit by saying Palizdar is Ahamdi-Nejad's friend who is fighting the corruption, but Ahmadi-Nejad and his camp have all denied having anything to with Palizdar.

But what did you expect that the regime say he is a good honest person??

In any fair country, Palizdar's accusation would have been investigated.

This is not the time to make judgement about Palizdar either way, what is important is to encourage the people to protest against the corrupt financial mafia which is ruling the country.

Anonymous said...

What was new to me Azarmehr was that Palizdar himself is corrupt and on the take. The regime's minions are turning on eachother at an increasing rate in their attempt to be the first to steal the most from the people o Iran.

Hossien Derakhshan is a Khmienist pure and simple. Look at his farsi blog ... he uses a picture of a young khomeni as wallpaper ... he is the most vile blogger outside Iran and has nothing in common with Iranian blogging movemnet which is seeking a free Iran. Derakhshan is an apologist for the basiji chomaqzans of the Islamic regieme. Many tiems he has had teh audacity to compare Ahmadinejad to Amir Kabir ... before he used to compare Rafsanjani to Amir Kabir ... at SOAS its common knowledge that Derakhshan is gay which is presumably why he prefers to live outside the Islamic Republic. The fact that he is gay is noit an issue for me ... but that as a gay he supports a homophobic regieme tells you all that you need know about him. Derakhshan is a first rate Hypocrite.

I know that you were amongst the first bloggers to break this story outside Iran. Keep up the good work.

Azarmehr said...

Yes we all know all this about Derakhashan, I have written about him many times before. What I am saying is that you have no evidence that Palizdar himself is a thief other than what the regime is saying. Save your judgement about Palizdar until we have a fair trial system in Iran, what is important is that Iranians and the world should know about his speeches in Hamadan and Shiraz.
I contacted some people in Iran last week and was surprised that many still did not know about the Palizdar affair. Instead of buying what the regime is saying about him, let as many people as you can know about what he has said.

Anonymous said...

hoder is an idiot

Anonymous said...

I dont agree azarmehr, its better to let your readers understand that Palizdar comes from this corrupt system and very late in the day has realised that all his life he has lived a lie .... Palizdar is not a hero - same with people like Akbar Ganji - they are just individuals who over time were forced to confront the extant of the brutality and corruption of the regieme that they served willingly from their youth.

Anonymous said...

meanwhile this should be of interest azarmehr

you may want to do a piece on prostitution and sexual exploitation in the Islamic republic

Azarmehr said...

No one said Palizdar was a hero or should be followed, what I said is our priority now should not be Palizdar bashing, it should be to spread his disclosures to as a wide an audience as possible.

I am not even saying that you should not say anything about Palizdar if you know it but dont just repeat what the regime says. If the regime says Palizdar owes bank money, you should say or rather encourag epeople in Iran to ask why has the bank not gone after him until now? Why are his claims not being investigated?

You may think because his speech appeared on the internet or he was mentioned in the Iranian dailies people know about what he has said in Iran. It is not the case, very small percentage of Iranians follow these things on the internet and most of them dont read the dailies. The number of those who had genuine belief in the Islamic Republic has dwindled greatly, but it must dwindle even further.

Palizdar's disclosures will help shatter any loyalty left for the establishment.

Simply ignoring Palizdar because he himself has had official posts does nothing, the fact that he has had official posts makes his disclosures more effective.

Anonymous said...

See this: