Monday, June 30, 2008

Arzhang Ends his Hunger Strike

Arzhang Davoodi finally ended his marathon hunger strike, after his demands were accepted by the prison governors at Rajaii Shahr prison.

Deputy Attorney, Salarkia, also promised Davoodi's wife that Arzhang will be returned to Evin prison if he ends his strike.

Last week some of Iranian ex-political prisoners, in an open letter, pleaded with Arzhang to end his hunger strike.


Winston said...

this is terrible!

Winston said...

Please do not publish my previous comment and this one plz. ((made a mistake))

Anonymous said...

dorood azarmehr - check out Harry'splCae which has 2 interesting stories - one on IHRC operatives in London. Anything that you can add or shed light on by leaving a comment will help. Keep up your great work!