Monday, June 16, 2008

Islamic Republic Judge Commits Suicide in Prison

Its hard to keep up with all the news of corruption and immoral behaviour by the Islamic Republic officials these days. On the one hand protests by the Zanjan students have resulted in the removal of the vice chancellor of the university after he was caught red handed sexually soliciting a student girl, and on the other hand Islamic Police Chief Commander Reza Zareii is quietly released after having been caught in a brothel with six prostitutes.

Iranian blogs reported an Islamic Judge by the name of Fallah in the city of Bijar committed suicide in prison. Judge Fallah was arrested a while ago for raping a 13 year old boy along with two other accomplices in a residential house in a drunken orgy.

As we say in Persian, you put salt on things which rot, pity the day that salt itself rots. The rot within the Islamic Republic, which was supposed to have been a utopia of decency and moral behaviour, is so deep it is simply unstoppable.


Anonymous said...

Was it a stitch-up? I know that some who fall foul of the regime are often charged with crimes that are morally depraved in order to smear them and their allies. Was the judge a little too independent for the regime?

Azarmehr said...

I don't know!
If they wanted to stitch him up, they would have publicised the news but they have tried to keep it quiet.

Anonymous said...

You have both in the Islamic republic ... innocent people framed and then put through a kangaroo trial and executed or imprisoned, and also all kinds of corrupt Islaic officials and judges involved in drug dealing, embezzelment, prostitution, ... there are so many crimes and so many criminals in this corrupt Isslamic republic that it is impossible to be certain who is being framed and who is a criminal ... however any person who has agreed to take part in this regime and stays a partr of it is by definition someone who is a criminal or is indifferent to the crimes of the regiem od which he is an integral part and of which he is all too aware of. I have no sympathy for this judge even if he was not gulity of this particular crime, nor of any ex-Islamic Republic officials. They are as they like to claim of others mofsed ol arz ... corrupt of this earth.

Winston said...

I am hopeful that the end of this rotten regime is near.

Anonymous said...

Dear Azarmehr,
I know Master Ilia since several years ago when I was in Iran. I am a follower of him and a member of Ale-Yassin outside Iran. Although I have been far from him for a long time, I will never forget him and his lessons.
I found your weblog when I searched Master Ilia's name (Payman Fattahi) through google and I am happy to find it.
By the way, you misspelled his name which is Ilia not Iliad.

Azarmehr said...

I am sorry Sahar, I will correct it now. Tell us more about him.

Anonymous said...

Sahar, r u from Vancouver, Canada?