Monday, June 09, 2008

Mohtashemipoor's Attack on Messbah Yazdi

Hojat-ol-Islam Mohtashemipoor, member of the Combatant Clerical Society and the founder of Hezbollah in Lebanon, made a scathing attack on Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi and what he referred to as the "Messbahieh Cult", during a speech in the Grand Hosseineh mosque in Isfahan on the eve of Ayatollah Khomeini's death.

"The Messbahieh cult never even once took part in the front lines during the war, how is it now that they constantly praise the resistance and appear at Baseej bases? Messbah Yazdi never even once had any official position while Imam was alive and he never recognised Messbahieh Cult's way of thinking....You pseudo-pious people! once you saw Imam was buried, you suddenly appeared on the scene again... Are you not the same as those who pretended to be Muslim converts straight after the conquest of Mecca by the prophet?...You who have all this pretentious position and adulation, if it was still during the Shah's time, would you have had all this you have today? Have you forgotten how you were spoken to during the Shah? Don't forget that all you have today is because of Imam Khomeini? So how dare you insult his grandchildren?
...Is this not history repeating itself and pseudo Muslim converts acting against the prophet's own family after the prophet's death?....Imam was after pure Islam and not the Islam of the affluent and the wealthy..."

Mohtashemipour's speech was published in the Daily Entekhab, following which 200 0f Messbah's followers protested in Qom outside the newspaper's offices demanding for the paper to be closed down.

Today the factional fighting within the regime is reaching heights I have never witnessed before. If only there was a credible opposition, at a flick of a finger, this outdated theocracy would have crumbled. As some wise person once told me however, "The Islamic Republic is its worst enemy and the opposition and the media we have are its best friend".


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