Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Palizdar is Arrested

Abbas Palizdar who made the daring disclosures of corruption by key establishment figures in the Islamic Republic was arrested last night.


Winston said...

I am not surprised to hear it. Regime arrests every one who speaks against it publicly. And btw, the LA Times newspaper just published some reports on him today here.

Anonymous said...

That was inevitable, sorry to say.

Azarmehr said...

In a way, by arresting Palizdar, they have proved what he was saying was true.

Hopefully it will finally wake up the likes of Hannif Leylabi and his idiot friends at SWP who think the Islamic Republic is a champion of the poor and the oppressed :))

But do they want to wake up? some people like staying sleep.

Hanif Leylabi said...

If you can find somewhere where I've said the regime is the champion of the poor and oppressed I'll do raghse bandari in the Iranian embassy.

Azarmehr said...

From a simple quick search of Hanif Leylabi's past imbecile comments before I get ready to go to work:

"Economic rights, education rights etc are more important. And these have improved vastly since 1979. Only the rich women have seen their rights fall as a whole.

"Look at life expetency, literacy rate, mortality rate health care system etc. They have all imporved dramatically in the last 3 decades."

"The richer you are in Iran the less religious you tend to be. Do you disagree?"

I bet you will accuse this Palizdar of inviting America to invade Iran, you normally do when someone criticises your beloved proletarian mullahs :)))

Winston said...

Socialists and Commies suck. They are in love with the Mullahs of Iran. Look at their hero George Galloway who took oil money from Syria and Iraq for 20 yrs and is still upset that Saddam s dead. SWP is a shameful organization, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Palizdar come from the cut throat chaqookesh faction of the ruling islami government. He is not a hero but just a filthy rat on the sinking ship that is the Islamic Republic ... he is trying to save the ship by throwing the thieving elements of the facist regime overboard ... thats all thsi disgusting Islamic republic is about doozds, traitors, killers and cut throats ...

Anonymous said...

Hanif Leylabi are you Iranian or an Arab? I noltice that you dress and speak like an Arab so why involve yourself in matters that dont concern you ... stick to Arab matters and keep your snout out of here ....

Anonymous said...

Rostam Farrokhzadeh,

"just a filthy rat on the sinking ship that is the Islamic Republic ... he is trying to save the ship by throwing the thieving elements of the facist regime overboard "

Just as Trita Parsi is trying to do here


Hanif Leylabi said...

Rostam my dear Persian chauvinist and racist, I am half Iranian and half British. And how would you possibly know how I dress?

And thank's Potkin for proving I have never said the Mullahs are the cahmpions of Iran's poor. I think you're confusing me with Khomeini.

Azarmehr said...


You have made me agree with Hanif, which is quite sad. How do you know how he dresses and how does this kind of statement help our cause or credibility? To be against Arab assimilation of our culture and to say that we are proud of our pre-Islamic heritage is not quite the same as calling someone who is half Iranian and half English, an Arab in a manner of insulting him.

Don't forget Iranian Arabs who celeberate Nowrooz and fought against Saddam's invasion, we want a prosperous united Iran emphasising on the common heritage of our people which makes us one nation at the same time revelling, prospering and moving forward in our diversity.

Such divisive name calling only helps separatists and shows us as politically immature, not something that will help us gain international support.

Anonymous said...

آقاي آذرمهر

خواهش ميكنم به دنيا بگيد اينجا چه خبره. دزدي در روز روشن از جيب مردمي كه هر روز دارن بدبخت تر و فقيرتر ميشن. مردم عاصي شدند باور كنيد فقط يك جرقه لازمه. ترا خدا بداد ما برسيد

Anonymous said...

Hanif you ask - " am half Iranian and half British. And how would you possibly know how I dress?" I was simply juding by your picture ... wearing a keffiyah is a typical Arab dress. I have noting against Arabs or least of al Iranian Arabs ... my family spent generations in Khuzestan ... and Iranian Arabs are amongst the warmest Iranians that one could hope to meet ... however im against Arabs and Pakistanis who interfere in Iran and are champions of its Islamisation and hence the brutal Islamic regime that rules Iran - I come across these types all the time and the first thing they say to an Iranian is that you are a chauvanist for opposing the Arabisation of Iran. I disagree - all those who support Arab imperialism are racist chavanists who seek to impose by force Arab language, culture, and relion down the throats of peoples who were not Arabs and wish to preserve their own culture, language and customs. We need to free Iran from extreamist religion .... azarmehr if you dont agree then why is this website labelled "For a democratic Secular Iran?"!

Azarmehr said...

I see. I hadn't seen Hanif's picture with a keffiyah. He has changed it, before it was just a clenched fist.

Hanif was born and brought up here and obviously doesn't realise how much the wretched keffiyah is hated by Iranians and what it means to us.

Hanif Leylabi said...

Thanks for my daily dose of being patronised potkin. I wear the Palestinian keffiyeh out of solidarity with the Palestinian people, a cause many millions of Iranians support. Go to Tehran on ruz e qods and see how many are wearing the keffiyeh. Or do they not count as Iranians because you disagree with them?

Rostam, how primative your arguments are. You against Islamisation, not rabs and Pakistanis. Do you support secularist Arabs and Pakiustanis and do you oppose Islamist Persians? Of course, so why bring a racial element into it at all?

And if we look at Iran, Arabs are denied many basic rgith and are having their cultural heritage suppressed and their language etc attacked.

You display your ignorance of 'Arabs,' once again. What is Arab culture being imposed on Iran? Have you seen the traditional chobi dances of the gulf and southern Iraq? Where women twirl their heads and hair? Is that the 'Islamic arab' culture you mean?

Azarmehr said...


Those who were the keffiyeh on Al-Qods day in Iran during the masquerade parades are rent-a-crowds just like the crowds in other dictatorships. To Iranians, keffiyeh represents the wretched Baseej, the thugs who harass people on a daily basis and its a hated symbol of allegiance to the regime.

When are you going to show solidarity with the Iranian people?

Forget about the chobi dance bollocks, we don't call the Arabian Sea, the Persian Sea, we didn't force our religion on to others, what we have in Iran today is an Arab regime, which has removed our flag and our symbols, and replaced it with non-Iranian symbols. We do not have one national holiday after an Iranian hero, the mullahs hate our pre-Islamic heroes like Kaveh, Cyrus and Babak. Show me one mullah with an Iranian name.

Try to understand why Iranians feel their country is occupied.

Anonymous said...

tsoch poch disen gada bilisan na diram? ata bilmilmiram de mana azarmehr, toorki dena

Anonymous said...

Hanif Leylabi .... what a great name for a real Kheffiyah wearing hero of the Arabise Iran facist Islamists. Remind me which Persian hero was called Hanif Leylabi. HAHAHAH .... you are an Arabiser Hanif at least dont be ashamed to admit it.

Hanif Leylabi said...

You are claiming that there is one Arab culture and that it is the same as that of Shiite clerics. Think about what you're saying. And are you blind to the news? Can you not see that the regime can mobilise millions of people still? Can you not understand that support for the Islamic Republic amongtst Iranians is more than the few % people like yourself want to believe?

And the Palestinian keffiyeh is not a symbol of the basij.

Not to mention the fact Khomeini hated Arab nationalism.

And do you know anything about the spread of Islam? What happened in the beginning? It was Muslim Arabs converting/forcing (which ever way you look at it) other non Muslim Arabs! Then the non Arab Ottomans also forced Islam on people. Why do you treat Arabs as one homogenous political, cultural and religious block when that's clearly not the case?

And why is it surprising that Mullahs have religious (and therefore Arabic) names? Would you have a go at a Priest for giving their kids Jewish names like Esther or Joseph???

Hanif Leylabi said...

Rostam - Are you really making fun of my name? Hanif after shaheed Mohammad Hanifnejad and Leylab is/was a town in one of the Azarbaijan provinces...

Azarmehr said...


As usual, you have all your facts screwed up.

'Can you not see that the regime can mobilise millions of people still?'

Actually I can't. Despite all the handouts during these parades and despite many being forced to attend these parades - talk to Iranian teachers and how they are forced to cancel their classes and make the pupils attend these parades -the numbers in the Al-Quds parades barely reach over 100000. You can also use your noddle if you had any, if the regime like you think, has the support of so many millions of Iranians why does it not hold free elections? I am sure when this regime crumbles you will say 'When did I say the regime has the support of the majority of Iranians?'

Even if it did so what? Numbers don't make it right, using your own argument you should abandon all hope of SWP and Respect etc. For the overwhelming majority of the people support the parliamentary system we have in Britain and very very very few support your kind of shit.

And how did you come to this kindergarden conclusion:
'Not to mention the fact Khomeini hated Arab nationalism.'

Khomeini hated any nationalism and had no regard for any patriotism, when after 15 years of exile, he was asked on the plane what his feeling swere about going back to iran, he calmly said "Nothing!"
Khomeini changed the word for nation to the faithful, mellat to Ommat.

His whole culture was Arab, he did not even speak Persian properly, he wanted to ban the Persian New Year, he introduced Arabic word to Persian which we never had, Taghoot, Mofsed-fel-arz, ...
He removed our flag and our national identity.

Yes the Ottomans may have forced people to Islam, and the Spanish may have forced the Aztecs to Christianity, but we are talking about Iran here and we are talking about a cast which is ruling Iran NOW, which promotes the Arab culture. The Iranian Arabs are persecuted by the regime not because they are Arabs but because they will not accept the religious authority of velayat-e-faqih.

'And why is it surprising that Mullahs have religious (and therefore Arabic) names?'

So you are saying every Muslim should have an Arab name why???
Have you never heard of a Christian Bishop by an Anglo-Saxon name? Do you think all Christians have Hebrew names? Do you not think that an English Jew can have an English name like Eric?? or a Turkish Muslim can have a name like Aydin?
Why do you yourself have an Arab name when you are half Iranian half English, its the Arab assimilation of our culture through centuries which has denied you this.

Since you became a Communist, should you assume a Marxist name?

You can not even say every Arab name is a religious name. Navab Safavi was the leader of the Fedayeen Islam, a terrorist group whose spiritual leader was Khomeini and assassinated Iranian secular intellectuals and politicians. What is religious about Navab other than its an Arab name??

The Shiite clerics have been around for four hundred years, in that four hundred years you can not show me one of them with an Iranian name. They still sign their edicts using Arabic months. Don't tell me Arabic months are religious months!

I don't think you have ever come across a mullah or known one, and unfortunately there is nothing in Lenin's books about Ayatollahs, to give you guidance, so you are just lost and make fart bag statements which just show your ignorance of the real world.

Azarmehr said...

shaheed Mohammad Hanifnejad??? :)))))))))))))))
Do you even know who Hanifnejad was? So are you an MeK supporter now? I thoght you said your father was a monarchist or were you not named by him?

Hanif Leylabi said...

Again you're eating my words then spitting them out in a different form. I didn't say that this regime had the support of the majority of Iranian people. I said they have more support than the few %age you seem to believe.

Look at how many people turn out across the country on Revolution day.

Of course if there were free and fair elections they wouldn't have a monopoly on power. But of the many millions who voted for conservative candidates, you cannot claim that MOST of these votes were rigged. The results are not an accurate measure of Iranian public opinion, but nor are they to be compared to the sham of Baathist elections.

What do you mean he didn't speak Farsi properly?! And Islam is different to Arab. He wanted to change Noruz because it stepped from pre Islamic, non Islamic ideas , not because it was Persian and not Arab.

A good point, numbers don't make it right. But for me, for example, to pretend millions of people in the UK didn't support the parliamentary system would be to ignore facts. Just like you are doing with Iran.

Again, what is Arab culture? How can you define that?

And expand on the Iranian Arabs rejecting the authority of the velayat e faqih if poss.

No every Muslim shouldn't (have to) adopt a Muslim Arab name but if you end up becoming a friggin Mullah then you're probably going to have come from a religious family who are probably more likely to give you a religious name. That's just common sense. And many Iranian muslims do have Iranian names, Ramin, Maarokh, Mahdokht, sirus, daryush etc...

I was named after Hanifnejad and I don't think there's such a thing as a communist name!

I have come across Mullahs actually and if ageist patronising is all you can resort to then hmm well....

Hanif Leylabi said...

My Dad's not a monarchist and what he is or may have been in the past isn't a topic of discussion for here.

Needless to say I'm not a PMOI/MEK supporter but I believe that organisation has had some of the best fighters for Iran, for freedom and for equality in the countries history. What it has turned into is targic.

Anonymous said...

I puke every time I read assholes like Hanif arabi talking

Anonymous said...

On his About me Page Hanif el Arabi describes himself as: "Genuinely nice, a good friend, a bad enemy, crazy dancer and an Iranian Geordie" ... why not go the whole hog Hanif and be honest with people ... also add that you are a Left Wing Extremist follower of the SWP - who are fellow travellers with the fascist Islamist movement within the UK and throughout the World.

The project that you subscribe to Hanif is that of Arab imperialism - you seek to impose Arab religion, language, culture on peoples that don’t want it - be they Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, Israeli, or British ... we are all sick to our back teeth of your fellow believers who think that they can foist Islamism onto the world ... the age of Imperialism is over Hanif - especially your type of medieval backward Imperialism. Iran was the first country to fall to this disease and at this rate it will be the first to escape its clutches. Islam is a spent force in Iran … most of the young don’t want to have anything to do with Mullahs, and Masjeds, and Basijis, and Velayaeteh Fagih, and the despotism and corruption that they stand for, nor do they want to have anything to do with the MeK style radical Leftism that you believe in. Face it Hanif amongst Iran’s young even George Bush is more popular than Khomeni and the filth that Khomienism represents.

If you are even half Iranian (as you claim) you should seriously question why you support the oppression of the Iranian people and their plunder by Arabizing Mullahs!

Anonymous said...

from leylabis own blog - the Party that he is a member of Student Respect seems to be as dictatorial as the Mollahs .... and as divided ... hahahhah ... honestly Hanif sort yourself out before giving others political advice.

"The RESPECT Coalition has faced challenging times in the last few months being shaken by internal dispute which led to one faction, including George Galloway and Salma Yaqoob, walking away from the organisation and creating a seperate group 'RESPECT Renewal.'

This split has had little or no effect on the youth wing Student RESPECT which has remained 99.9% solid with the coalition with literally a handful of student jumping ship. One of these students, Ian Drummond, alleges unfair treatment towards him by leading SWSS (Socialist Worker Student Society) comrades and also talks of a meeting the previous night of student supporters of RESPECT Renewal. I'd like to set the record straight on both these issues.

First of all a meeting took place the night before SR conference. In attendance were 4 students two of whom, including myself, were Student RESPECT members, one was RESPECT Renewal supporter Ian Drummond and the other was a RESPECT Renewal supporter whom I don't know. George Galloway, Salma Yaqoob, Ghada Razuki, Gerr Francis as well as representatives of another left wing student group were present. I was told by Salma that she and the others wished to create a wing of student RESPECT activists who supported Renewal. This would apparantly include students who were currently fighting elections against Student RESPECT members and possibly Labour Party members. RESPECT Renewal doesn't represent a shift to the right? My arse!

Needless to say the meeting was a flop before it even started with a handful of students and I myself walked out in disgust (and was then physically threatened and intimidated by Renewal wannabe thug Gerr Francis.

The next day was Student RESPECT conference and Ian Drummon turned up. Despite being a member of an organisation SR was not affiliated to, an organisation with a seperate name, membership files, membership fee, conference, branches etc (i.e. a seperate organisation) the SR National Committee decided to allow him into the conference not only as an observer but as a delegate and not only a delegate but as a candidate for the new SRNC. Oh and he was also allowed to cast his vote despite missing the close of polling. We proved ourselves to be open, transparent and totally non sectarian despite Ian's main aim of the day being to cause a split in our organisation. Yes we confiscated the Renewal leaflets he wanted to hand out because we have the total right to decide what and who is or isn't allowed in our conference and the leaflet was simply that extra concession we were not willing to make. Expectedly Ian attracted about the same about of interest and support as the laughable meeting the night before winning a total of 3 votes."

Azarmehr said...

Hanif always comes up with a half baked childish statement and then ignores your questions, and says what I meant was blah blah or 'when did I say that?'

Hanif, who was the mullah you met, what was his name, where did you meet him and why did you meet him?

Despite all your ignorance about Iran, all your comments have always been published here, think why the same can not happen with my comments on the SWP site.

Winston said...

Hanif, are you an idiot or what?

Hanif Leylabi said...

Rostam - I am not a Muslim so who would I want to 'fois Islamism' on the world?! Your entire reply should embarass you. When have I supported the imposition of Arabic over Farsi for example? You're an idiot and a racist.

Potkin - What half baked statements? I've just replied to your point yet is is YOU who have ignored me and played the age card!

I met Ayatollah Sheikh Khalasi in London for the International Peace Conference. Why this is relevant I do not know because I don't want them running Iran anymore than you do. A point you seem to ignore everytime I make it.

This site is a blog. The SWP doesn't have a blog. How many political parties let any tom dick and harry post messages on their website!!!

winston - no i'm not an idiot but you are a zionist scumbag

Azarmehr said...

Who?? Do you mean Sheikh Jawad al-Khalasi from Iraq?

Hanif Leylabi said...


that guy.

was quite funny actually, I think he thought I'd react warmly to him or be excited when he started speaking Farsi.

Azarmehr said...

There you go, you have met one Shiite cleric, and you got his rank and name wrong! And what exactly was this affluent cleric's role in world "grass roots" peace bollocks??

You do waste your time with such shit Hanif. When will you take part in some solidarity action with the Iranian people?

Anonymous said...

Bullshit Hannif. If you go on SWP site you will see the link, Comment on this Article, at the bottom of each article but you know full well that nothing critical gets published on teh site. SWP is not exactly pro free debate.

Hanif Leylabi said...

i didn't get his name wrong and there is at least one place where he was introduced as Ayatollah. And what does it matter? Do I have to meet Baathists to know what they are?

Resistance to imperialism takes many forms. It wouldn't be right to refuse to make links with anyone who didn't share revolutionary socialist politics.

I've given anti-war meetings on Iran up and down the country over the last few years. The threat of war is real and terrifying and that is the threat I work against. That's solidarity isn't it? Or do you have to be sitting in front of a computer screen listening to sorood e shahanshahi e Iran?!

anti-swp - That's for letters to be printed, it's not a blog-like comment section. Letters disagreeing with articles in the paper are printed quite often actually.

Azarmehr said...


where it matters is that it shows your attention to detail in getting your facts right. You put some turban headed greedy affluent cleric who changes sides on a daily basis on a platform and give it a fancy title like 'grassroots peace' :)))) and you think you are doing the Iraqi people a favour!!

Similarly you don't realise that the threat of the war is not just from one side but there is a section of the hardliners in Iran who are itching for a military confrontation, it will give them the justification to blame everything on outside enemies and supress all dissent.

Yet your one sided campaign only serves to legitimise the clerical rule in Iran. The truth is that neither you nor SWP and its ex-public school boy leaders have ever been involved in a campaign against the Islamic Republic.

I sincerely wish you would sit behind the computer and listen to soroode shahanshahi rather than causing so much grief for the people in the region with your 'grassroots' bollocks.

By the way we had a dicussion previously about why you shouldn't judge someone by the actions of their father when you were rubbishing Reza Pahlavi. I brought up examples of how sons can be different to their fathers and gave historic examples including that of the SWP, Simon Assaf where his father was a Phalange member who took part in the massacre of Tal-Zatar Palestinian refugee camp and then never heard from you.

Now you tell me you were named after the founder of the MeK, Mohammad Hanifnejad, which prompted me to ask you if your father was an MeK supporter? You seemed to be reluctant to talk about your father and I don't blame you, as you are not responsible for his thinking or who he has supported in the past, but have the chickens come home to roost now for you to see how unfair you were to someone else?

What is the proverb I am looking for, when someone treats someone else in a certain way but doesn't like to receive the same treatment himself? ;)

something like grassroot hypocricy ;))

Hanif Leylabi said...

First of all, I didn't put anyone on a platform, Stop the War decides that. Britain's largest ever mass movement.

Of course war strengthens hardliners and gives them excuse to clamp down on dissent and freedom. That's exactly what is happenieng and that's exactly why antiwar work is vital. But it's the US who decides if there is a war or not.

Apart from Alex Callinicos, who on the SWP CC can be described as ex public school???

I rubbished Reza Pahlavi because he is bourgeois not because he would be as repressive as his father. If I did imply that then I was wrong to do so.

I'm not reluctant to talk about my father because I'm ashamed of anything he has done in the past. It's just not relevant.

Azarmehr said...

Alex Callinicos was also an ex-public school boy? Vow quite a bourgeois party you have there. I also know Simon Assaf and Jonathan Game who are also ex public school boys in SWP leadership. But I dont hold that against anyone, I just don't like people who bash others about being bourgeois and themselves are bourgeois. Bit like that silly Labour tart, Harriet Harman, who comes from th emost priviliged of backgrounds and was having a go at the Conservative candidate in the recent by-election for having had a priviliged background. The pot calling the kettle black or as you may say of African American origin.

Now tell me what do you think Sheikh Khalasi is? You think he is working class? Why would you for example not have Reza Pahlavi, who is also against a military attack on Iran, or some Iranian student dissident on the panel but have this parasite cleric on the platform?

Your whole criteria for what is good and what is bad rests on your silly bourgeois test. Thus this nonsense leads you to prefer someone liek Muqtada Sadr to the Queen of Holland for example.

Like I said the anti War coalition is a one sided campaign, it is infiltrated by IRI agents like Abbas Edalat, also a bourgeois by the way who was educated through Pahlavi foundation during the Shah, Elaheh Rostami, Ziba Mir-Hosseini an dthe biggest biggest pampered bourgeois of them all, the vile Haleh Afshar.
Read my post on Haleh Afshar:

Anti-War coalition forbids any criticism of the Iranian regime, it gives it legitimacy instead. We have been to their meetings:

They praise the Islamic Republic making outrageous remarks like women are better off now than before, similar to the shit you have said before.

Good of you to stick up for your father however and tell me what he thinks or did think is his business. I am sure he is a decent man. Just let others have the same right and criticise for their own actions and not for what their forefathers have done.

Hanif Leylabi said...

What do you define as the leadership of the SWP? Those people aren't on the CC...

Criticising someone's family background and their politics is different. If reza Pahlavi had renounced capitalism and become a socialist I wouldn't be calling him a bourgeois figure.

Do you think The Islamic Republic gives visas to student dissidents? We have had people from the women's movement speak such as Marzieh Mortazi Langroudi.

I've criticised the Iranian regime as a speaker for Stop the war as has Elaheh. plus http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtOu6GgugeM

Again what do youmean by better off? More women work now, more women study now, there are more women in parliament now. Of course women are oppressed and in some ways things have gone backwards but to paint it as black and white as you do is irrational.

Azarmehr said...

If Reza Pahlavi had renounced Capitalism? What you think Sheikh Khalasi is a frigging Socialist?

Many Iranian dissident students have fled Iran and are here now in UK, but because you are not interested in bashing mullahs, you dont go after them and your beloved vile walking piece of lard, Elaheh Rostami, doesn't show them to you.

Forget the statistics that Elaheh Rostami shoves down your throat, 30 years have moved on and the Iranian women should have been much much better off. Ask any Iranian woman and she will tell you she would prefer the situation 30 years ago. More women MPs? what are you on about? You think these women MPS stick up for women?In the past we have women cabinet ministers, judges, pilots, there were no restrictions on them doing any jobs, they didnt get stoned, they had right to divorce, they werent allowed to be married off at the age of 9. Now you are winding me up and annoying me.

Hanif Leylabi said...

No I don't think he's a socialist and if Iran was under occupation and a significant layer of opposition came from nationalists then I'm sure they would be invited to speak too. The only things is I bet that most pro war Iranians are Shahis.

There are more than one left organisations who support no to war no to the regime slogans and none of them have ever in my knowledge had an iarnaian dissident student on their platform. Many of our members are iranian exiles though. And personal insults like that really make you look like the 21 year old in this conversation.

Where does this myth of pre-1979 equality come from? You are kidding yourself.

Reza Shah shut down radical women's publications and banned women's organisations.

Under his son men could take 4 permanent wives and as many temporary wives as he wished. Custody of children rested with the father or his relatives if he died. Citizenship was through paternity only. A woman had to get written permission from her husband to travel outside the country.


Azarmehr said...

This is the poverty of your childish arguments. When it comes to Reza Shah you compare Iran with Europe, when it comes to Islamic Republic you compare Iran with Saudi Arabia.

You sound liek a 12 year old with the crap you come up with, never mind 21 year old. Compare the progress of Iranain women under the Pahlavis with what they were under teh Qajars. Total non-entities, put in a sack, stuck at home with no rights, no jobs no education nothing. Then after the Qajars they could abandon their hejab, seek work, vote in elections, be elected, study abroad, become ministers, have the right to look after children after divorce......

Then compare it under the mullahs, forced back into hejab and constantly harassed for their dress wear, not entitled to look after their children after divorce, certain jobs banned for them, stoned to death if they are deemed to have committed adultery,
considered inferior at all levels, as a witness, in inheritance, now they even want to limit their numbers in educationand a thousand and one more steps backward that you know full well yourself.

'Reza Shah shut down radical women's publications' Did you ever ask yourself if the fear and the pressure from the mullahs in the society simply went away overnight
before blaming Reza Shah for every thing that happened in teh country?
Can you ever imagine what a courageous move it was in the first place to grant women freedom from Hejab, considering the terror of the mullahs in the society?
I suppose Lenin allowed all publications to be free did he?
And what did Shahid Hanifnejad think about women's rights do you think? :))

I dont think you are an engineering student because your sums just dont add up, you add apples and oranges and make bananas, you are not consistent in your units of measurements, with the way you conclude things had you been an engineer you probably would have made a flyover like this in Iran:


Now I could argue with you that Iran is already under occupation, its probably a bit above your head though, it is occupied by a foreign clan whose founder described his feeling when returning to Iran after 15 years of exile as 'Nothing' and whether you like it or not, Reza Pahlavi does represent a proportion of Iranians against this occupation.

Aryamehr said...