Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reactions to Palizdar's Disclosures

Official Islamic Republic dailies and websites have started printing the text of Palizdar's disclosures of massive corruption by the very pillars of the Islamic Republic after the CD version of his film became the top seller in the black market. The dailies however have refrained from printing the names and sufficed by using initials or using dotted lines in brackets instead. Some dailies and websites are disputing his position in the commission, which Palizdar claimed.

The student body in Hamedan which invited him has been suspended by the education ministry. Palizdar himself is standing by everything he said in Hamedan university and in a second speech in Shiraz university. Although there is no film footage of him in Shiraz as yet but partial transcripts are available.

In these transcripts, Palizdar says:
"After my previous speeches, I have been told should I continue with these disclosures, I will be stopped. Believe me that I am not scared for my life but I am scared that they will shut me up before I am able to say all I want to say in most places throughout Iran, so that more people can hear what I have to say. So I will be more cautious in what I will say next."

Palizdar continued:
"The Judiciary itself is the most corrupt institution and we have come to the conclusion that we can not fight corruption with the judiciary. In one instance where an official had broken the law, Hashemi Sharoodi (Head of the Judiciary) wrote him a letter and told him to sort himself out but he didn't and Shahroodi was aware of this. There can only be two explanations, either Shahroodi is incompetent or he himself is involved"

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Winston said...

Every one knows how corrupt the Akhoonds are and have been. Corruption is a tradition within the Islamic regime.