Monday, September 28, 2009

American Students Meet and Dine with Ahmadinejad

I felt sick in the stomach when I watched a group of clueless American students who seem to have no conscience at all, meet and dine and take souvenir photographs with Ahamdienjad. Look at these morons in the footage below:

If anyone knows them please let me have their names, so we can name and shame them.


barmakid said...

Where did this take place? I didn't recognize any of the students, but I appreciated what the Iranian student did.

I can imagine that those American students just wanted the opportunity to be there, but probably weren't aware of how Iranians would feel about it. They were young and eager, that's all.


Azarmehr said...

I hope we can make them regret turning up that evening for the rest of their lives

Winston said...

They must be on regime's payroll

Anonymous said...

We need some more commentary for those who don't understand the language of the narrator. I'd probably share your outrage if I knew what happened. :)

Azarmehr said...


what narration do you need when you see those silly American college girls pose next to Ahamdienjad for their moment of 'celeberity status'??

SZ said...


yes, everyone who doesn't agree with you is on a "Payroll."

Instead of discussing the issues, you accuse people of being on a wonder your neocon movement is extinct.