Friday, September 11, 2009

Sermon of Death

"Confronting the system, confronting the tenets of the system, standing up to and drawing a sword against the system will get a harsh response."

To those who are familiar with the Supreme Leader's words, there is only one interpretation of the above statements. If you dare to use next Friday's annual pro-Palestinian protests in Tehran to oppose the coup, he will let loose his army of thugs and hoodlums once again to commit more murders and more rapes and more suffering on the people of Iran.

The Iranian government backed AlQods march is always on the last Friday of Ramadan in Iran but throughout Europe it is held on the last Sunday of Ramadan, which according to this lunar calendar will be this Sunday:

Very few Iranians take part in this annual event throughout European cities and those who do usually have ties with the Islamic Republic. Most of the participants are non-Iranians who wrongly perceive the despot Supreme Leader as a champion of Palestine as well as a few self hating rich Socialist Workers Party members who want to endear themselves to the Islamists.
The guest speakers at Trafalgar Square are also usually the likes of Ridley and Galloway and few other suspect characters who want to trumpet up their own fame and fortune.

Anyone who takes part in the above march this Sunday in London, should know they will not be helping the cause of the Palestinian people but taking part in a propaganda stunt by the Supreme Leader. When the despot Supreme Leader treats his own people with such savagery, he will not bring liberation for any other people either.


D said...

Thanks for sound and wise advice, Potkin-jan.


Sohrab said...

The IRI's meddling in Palestine only brings suffering to the poor Palestinians and prolongs the I/P conflict.

Well written as always, Potkin.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but why associate with the other extreme, the skinheads of the English Defence League and the likes of Stephen Gash?

Neda Mehregan said...

Please e-mail to:* Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov


Mr. Lavrov

I am writing to register my protest over Russia’s continued support for the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is disgraceful that even after the exposure of the atrocities that this illegitimate and terrorist government has committed against the people of Iran, the Russian Government has continued to support and nurture this evil and unethical relationship.

We know, for example, that the KGB has provided training and equipment to the Revolutionary Guards and has provided information on methods of repression and torture. This has resulted in further oppression of the Iranian people in the form of wide spread torture and rape of young people.

We call upon the Russian Government to withdraw its support ,and its agents, from Iran immediately and to stop this shameful and criminal policy.

Mehrtash said...

KGB no longer exists - it's FSB.

English Defence League - I have browsed their site and they do not appear to be skinhead extremists, they even defend 'regular muslims'; they seem to have trouble with Islamic militants, extremists and terrorist. I am sure any sane individual would. Nevertheless, we will see what kind of people they are tomorrow.

Nice one Potkin.

Winston said...

جمهوری اسلامی در حال تقلا زدن هست بلکه بتونه خودش رو از این منجلاب و کثافت خلاص کنه و راهی پیدا کنه. اما غافل از اینکه کارشون تمام شده هست. این همه تقلا و دست و پا زدن فایده ای نداره

barmakid said...

Sohrab, shut up. Don't act like you care about Palestinian plight - it's sickening. The only thing prolonging the I/P conflict are the Israelis and the ignorance of neoconservatives like yourself.

That said, I believe the IRI cares as much about Palestinian plight as much as you do Sohrab, so yes, I agree with your post Azarmehr.


Sohrab said...

Potkin I don't if you've had a chance to look at this or not:

It's the IRI's new proposal regarding the nuclear dossier. They list their priorities in the typically preachy bizzaro style of IRI officials. Their number one priority: protecting individual rights and dignity! Not an ounce of shame in these rapists and torturers.

Sohrab said...

"Sohrab, shut up. Don't act like you care about Palestinian plight - it's sickening."

How can you be so one-sided and hateful? You imbecile. Did I blame it all on the Palestinians? No!

I just said the IRI plays a counterproductive role, which is undeniable. Do the Palestinians have an incentive to seek a compromise when Uncle Khamenei keeps pouring in our petrodollars encouraging them to not recognize Israel and keep fighting "to push the Jews out to the sea?!"

How does that help the Palestinians? You tell me. It only sets them up to keep fighting a hopeless fight against the IDF!

And look, the vast majority of average young people in the middle east, including Iranians and Palestinians, share the same a vision of a future middle east that is much closer to the one promoted by Israel (even if they themselves don't realize because they are exposed to relentless Jew hatred every day of their lives): a place where young people can go to school, play by the rules, start businesses, get jobs in free markets, and yes, party and dress however they want or don't want.

The major obstacle to this vision is the brutal, hopeless, death-obsessed culture of martyrdom and endless war promoted by your beloved IRI. But just you watch, when your favorite rapist regime crumbles away, that vision will be realized. Just watch.

Now fuck off.

barmakid said...

OoOoOoO... I think Sohrab's balls just dropped. You are the IRI buddy, just on a different side. You condone death and violence in the name of spreading some chimerical, Straussian vision of "natural rights." The IRI, the IDF, and you are different sides of the same coin - yall believe different things but are willing to kill to get what you believe.



barmakid said...

"How can you be so one-sided and hateful? You imbecile. Did I blame it all on the Palestinians? No!"

Did I say you blamed it on the Palestinians? No, I said don't act like you care about their plight.

This was a great example of how you live in your own fantastical world. A world with "natural rights" and trillions of dollars of defense spending to defend those "natural rights." You're such an idiot it's laughable. HAHA


Sohrab said...

You blamed the Israelis in whole. Anyone who blames one side solely in such a complex and difficult situation is well is either consumed by blind hatred or is an imbecile.

You didn't respond to any of my substantive arguments BTW.