Monday, September 28, 2009

Tehran University Students Stop Ahmadinejad

Despite all the threats and intimidation against Iran's students in the new academic year, more than 2000 protesting students made sure Ahamdinejad did not deliver his speech at Tehran university today. See Photos Here.

Ahmadinejad was scheduled to appear at Tehran University today but failed to show up after his security voiced concerns about student protests at Tehran university as the new school year began.

See the film footage:


Masoud said...

I can see how the Islamic Republic can afford to cancel the public celebration of Islamic holidays, but it's unclear to me how they're going to deal with the university problem. Rumor of suspending classes for a semester aside, shutting down universities does not seem doable; there'd be too much dissent, even from moderate conservatives.

And that lets the anger to continue steaming.

Winston said...

I bet this is just the beginning for the regime in the next 8-9 months of school year.

Neda Mehregan said...

These demonstrations will continue and become more widespread. For how long can the regime ignore them?

Winston said...

Neda, regime can't ignore them. They'll deal with the protests ruthlessly. It's the western world that is ignoring our pleas and plights.

Anonymous said...

i think the situation is not that black-white as you're traying to portrey. Ahmadinejad still has a lot of supporters and Grand Ayatollah is still strong. Iranians must (and probably will) step together against Israel, which threats them with an attack.

Neda Mehregan said...

Thanks Winston you're right. We saw how A.N was paraded in NY; gave interviews with reporters calling him Mr. President as though nothing has happened.
It is in the interest of the West for this Govt to stay; Khamenei and A.N know this. That's why they are so arrogant and ruthless; they have the support of the West.