Friday, September 18, 2009

Iran Protests Today

Today, for the first time in the last three decades, the official Al-Qods day turned into protests against the regime.

The Courageous Karroubi amongst the protesters today who are chanting in his support:

chants in support of Moussavi and Karroubi

chants in support of Montazeri and Saneii, dissident Grand Ayatollahs

Hafez Street: Tanks Rape and Baseej Have no Effect Any more

Dictator Dictator, This is our last warning, Iran's Green Movement is Ready for an Uprising

what Alireza Rownaghi of Aljazeera called a small crowd

Stop Killing the People in Gaza or Iran

Ahmadinejad supporters surrounded by Greens in Karimkhan, they chant Death to Israel and Greens reply 'Death to Russia'


Liar Liar Where is Your 63%?

A common theme amongst most of the protests today:
'Not Gaza, Not Lebanon - I Die Only for Iran'


Anonymous said...

I love them. They are great.


Neda Mehregan said...

Courageous people of Iran have shown the terrorist regime that they will no longer be silenced. What a show! I wish I was there.

It's time for Khamenei and his guerillas to buy a one way ticket to Moscow................

Anonymous said...

death to Khamenei!


Rostam Farrokhzad said...

I am LOVING this! On Qods Day of all Days! What we are seeing is the end of the Facist Islamic Republic and nothing less than full freedom for the people of Iran from their opressors. Zendedbad Iran!

Anonymous said...

I am a greenFUCK greenSHIT and a greenPUNK and a stinking JOLBAK : and we shout:
Ham IRAN ham lobnaan ham GHAZZEH! Jaane hame fadaaye har seh! Otherwise they are goig to massacre us no matter what!

Anonymous said...

NEDA AGAHSOLTANI was killed by Majid Kia and Arash Mansour Motevaazeh from the back

Maggie said...

I continue to wear green as much as possible as I continue to support the brave people of Iran.