Saturday, September 19, 2009

Compilation of Qods Day Protests that Became Iran Day

Look at the sea of Green protesters holding pictures of Iran's post 'election' martyrs.
The green placards they are holding say 'Today is Iran Day' and 'Down with Russia' for Kremlin's backing of Ahmadinejad.

At 1:13 on the video people have surrounded an official float which is chanting official government slogans but the response from the people is entirely different and no one is chanting back the official slogans.

As the Baseej speakers chant 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel' the people chant 'Down with Russia' . The Baseej then shouts 'Death to anti-Supreme Leader' and the crowds chant 'Death to the Dictator'.

At 2:16 the placard held by the Green movement supporter says 'The Oil Money is Missing, It has been spent on Palestine'. Then there are constant chants in support of the courageous Karroubi.

More chants of 'Down with Russia' at 3:09. At 4:26 as many people as possible hold the long green ribbon to say where their allegiance lies and chant 'Not Gaza, Not Lebanon - I Die Only for Iran' followed by chants in support of Moussavi.

4:43 with the courageous Karroubi in the middle of the crowd, people chant 'If Karroubi is Arrested, there will be mayhem in Iran'.

5:00 people chant in support of the Grand Ayatollahs Montazeri and Saneii who have stood up to the illegitimate coup administration.

5:13 Outside the state broadcasting, people chant 'State Broadcasting is a Disgrace'

5:48 More chants of 'Not Gaza, Not Lebanon - I Die Only for Iran' followed by more chants of 'Down with Russia'.

7:20 People show their disdain for the riot guards that can be seen by calling them 'Without Honour'.

7:37 'Coup Administration - Resign Resign'

7:58 More booing at the riot guards on motor bikes and chants of 'Honourless'. There is more here:


Sohrab said...

As these amazing events slowly and painfully -- but also exhilaratingly -- move our country beyond the dark ages of the IRI, I'm reassessing my own reflexive attitude towards Islam. Don't get me wrong, Potkin, I'm not suddenly praying five times a day, but I can appreciate the Islam of a Karroubi or Saaneii or a Montazeri.

Winston said...

Excellent Post as always. thanks for reporting

Anonymous said...

Google Link with Map showing where the demonstrations against the Islamic Dictatorship took place.

Maggie said...

bring on this Revolution....