Tuesday, September 15, 2009

War Veteran Father of a Martyr Gets Slapped by Revolutionary Guard Commander

The civilian man who is taking on the Revolutionary Guard commander is a war veteran. He is categorised as 40% sufferer of injuries he received in defending Iran against Saddam's invading troops. The war veteran's son has been killed and he blames the Guard commander in uniform, General Araghi, head of the Rasool-Allah brigade,who was also recently made the Revolutionary Guards commander in charge of the Greater Tehran.

'Why should I stay silent? if your child was killed, would you remain silent?' the war veteran asks General Araghi, sitting next to the cleric, possibly ayatollah Movahedi Kermani(?),in the mosque. To which General Araghi replies condescendingly 'Go and complain to whoever you like, see if it gets you any where'
and the war veteran tells him 'At the end of the day there is a God and there is a prophet' and this too much for the guard commander to take, so he leaps towards the war veteran. Watch to the end to see the type of people who get promoted and are running the show in Iran today


Amir said...

Kesafata! This is a digusting regime. Day by day they are creating a situation in which they will meet the violence that they hand out. People can't keep taking this abuse, the day is coming when the walls will break and a huge wave of anger, resentment and bitterness which they have created will come back to haunt them. And everyone of these criminals will be tried for the crimes they have committed against the Iranian people. Marg bar in hookomat e adam kosh.

Sohrab said...

Any time a regime is this brazen in its disregard for average people, it means it's more or less doomed.

Arash said...

The regime's treatment of war veterans is disgraceful.

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From Iran said...

The man in the uniform is Commander Araghi, head of the Rasool-Allah RG brigade, he was recently made in charge of the Greater Tehrsn RG forces.

Winston said...

government of wild, crazy and dangerous terrorists won't be better than this. Bunch of criminals who resort to anything to stay in power.