Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Objective Comparison

This is another footage from the Al-Quds day which was turned into Iran Day by the people of Iran. On the right you can see the official rent-a-crowd Ahmadinejad supporters, and on the left, the sea of people who want to have an Iranian government, an accountable government that represents them, a sea of people who want to live in a democratic country where they can oppose their government and not risk the consequences. A sea of people who want a government that takes care of the people of Iran first and foremost:

Or as former Saddam stooge, George Galloway would have described this on Press TV, rich North Tehran kids on the left versus the working class Ahmadinejad supporters :))))))))


Winston said...

our day to have a free Iran will finally come

Anonymous said...

به قول معروف انچه که عیان است چه
حاجت به بیان است

(What is obvious needs no explanation)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, look at the crowd. Its amazing! Speechless. This Regime is now than ever only ruled by a tiny minority. Have you seen the picture of that thin Hezbollhi man that looks like AHmadinejad, always shouting loud in first line? He is on most pictures. Most of them are recurringly to be seen. Which shows their numbers are quite small...


Rostam Farrokhzad said...

Love the part where they are all chanting death to you (i.e. death to those who have been calling for the death of others). Iran is alive and will be Free!