Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Spiritual Awakening of Chavez in Mashad

For some reason Hugo Chavez was taken to Mashad to sign the latest agreements between the Islamic Republic and Venezuela and as part of his 'grab what you can from Iran' tour, he was taken into Shiite Islam's eighth Imam's holy shrine. To justify Chavez's presence inside the holy shrine, Ahmad Sobhani, the Director of the Latin America department in Iran's Foreign Ministry made the following statements:
'Mr. Chavez has time and time again declared he is a Christian monotheist [I thought Christians believed in the trinity] - he has always declared he is a believer and of the opinion that Jesus Christ along with Imam Mahdi will one day come to save the world, fill the earth with justice and both lead the world.'

Sobhani added 'When Mr. Chavez entered the shrine, he was overcome by a great holy experience' :))))

Perhaps Lindsey German of the Socialist Workers Party should be taken to the holy shrine next, I am sure the 'Monotheist Trotskist' will also be overcome with a spiritual experience when she receives her next pay check.


barmakid said...

Chavez is such a marmulak.

Anonymous said...

>> 'Mr. Chavez has time and time again declared he is a Christian monotheist [I thought Christians believed in the trinity] <<

Christianity has always been considered a monotheistic religion along with Judaism and Islam. But there are three persons in the Godhead. But it is entirely different than tritheism (three gods). It is unusual to hear the term "Christian monotheist" because it is redundant. There are non-Trinitarian doctrines of some who call themselves Christians, but they have been traditionally considered heretics.

Best to you and the Iranian people.

Sohrab said...

A great holy experience, huh?

I thought Hugo only got thrills running up his legs at the sight of Mahmoud's sweet, sweet ass.

Anonymous said...

marmulak...sweet! Great observation barmakid!

barmakid said...

Umm... Christianity can call itself a monotheist religion, but it's simply not. It is inundated with pagan tradition and theology. The Son, the Father, and the Holy Ghost make up the "Godhead?" What does that even mean? It sounds like Greek mythology, and it no doubt arose out of such philosophies.


Sohrab said...


Once again your hatred and intolerance is on display. This time against Christianity. Read some philosophical theology before you make assumptions like these.