Wednesday, September 02, 2009

We Deserve Better than This

Islamic Republic 'representative' to the parliament doing what he is probably best at doing. Watch the member of Islamic Consultative Assembly (parliament)sitting behind the speaker having a good dig up his hooter and then after a careful examination coupled with sheer admiration rubbing it all over his face, beard and eyebrows. George Galloway and the self hating rich kids at Socialist Workers Party may watch this and conclude that this is truly a working class assembly :)

On a serious note however, who can doubt that we Iranians deserve better than this lot?


Devil's Advocate said...

why do you think we deserve better when it was us, Iranians, who brought these scum to power? When it is us, who even now fights amongst each other and cannot even form a unity? When we go from bad to worse as you follow the political affairs from centuries ago til now. Why do we deserve better when most Iranians are judgemental, shallow and superficial, who mostly seek material pleasures and care not for deeper and more meaningful tenets? When posters on this blog say Iran is good now and outsiders are merely clueless and bias to their own political agenda.

How can we justify that we deserve better than this?

Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.


SZ said...


Wait, you are saying that just because the guy had a booger, he is not worthy of office?

Im sorry, im sure tony blair never took out his boogers, im sure his shit didn't stink, and im sure he pissed in a gold cup.

You criticize our parliament members after the disaster that was Tony Blair and George Bush? Wow.

saggezard said...

It seems he is performing a quick Estekhareh before deciding on a vote for a cabinet minister.

Azarmehr said...

devil's Advocate

Because against the overwhelming tyranny and repression, the vast majority of our people have stood up and behaved in the most noble way.
What happened thirty years ago is the responsibility of another generation and is now history.

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

I knew you would be sympathetic and identify with someone who picks his nose in public in front of cameras and then rubs it all over his face. I didn't say you deserve better than this lot, I said we deserve better than this. I am sure this mob represent you well.

SZ said...


for the last time, I am not who you think I am. Your holier than thou attitude really makes me sick.

second of all, you pick these random clips, of Iranians doing something that all people do and then say that they are horrible. Do you call that fair reporting? Oh wait, your purpose is not to be fair to Iran, its to sell Iran out and be fair to your western masters.

You have posted articles on Faith Freedom!! its a fascist web site advocating the destruction of Islam and advocating that Islam is an evil cult.

You seriously call yourself Iranian? Like I have said before, Iranians, an overwhelming majority of Iranians support Iran and our government. Sure there is people that don't support particular elected officials, but Iranians as a whole, support our government and the Ideals it stands for.

Its funny you think this Government has no support, when nothing of the sort is true.

Yikes said...

Azarmehr - your reply to SZ....

Azarmehr said...

Correction Shervin, I have only posted on my blog. If some other site takes a copy of what I write and posts it, I can't be responsible for where it is posted.

SZ said...


Thats very good of you. Its like you close your eyes and fire a gun, and everyone who is in your line of fire...well to bad, you can't see.

If you don't disavow a site that claims Islam is a cult, then you approve of their views and endorse them.

take some responsibility for your articles.

SZ said...


Do the People who elected Senator Byrd deserve better? Or do they live in the US and therefore live in a perfect democracy?

You posted a video or an Iranian lawmaker picking his nose...well, here is a link to Senator Byrd, sleeping on national television...

hey, if you can find one video of some Iranian Parliament member picking his nose, I can find one of a respected US Senator, and one of the longest tenured ones at that, sleeping on the Senate floor while the SENATE majority leader is talking about US soldiers dying in Iraq!

"That lot deserves better"'re a useful idiot.

Mehrtash said...


you are an ignorant fool who is so intellectually restricted that a six year old could out-smart you!

YOu have this highly flawed reasoning that just because USA and UK governments are flawed, then people who live in those countries do not have a right to criticize any other government. What scum bags like you and your beloved IRI reps fail to comprehend is that there is a time and place for everything, and such a gathering is not the place to pick one's nose, especially in such a manner too. THe very fact that this has to be explained to you demonstrates how stupid, thick, arrogant and pompous you really are.

Devil's Advocate said...

SZ said that the IRI government has support,and you are correct. But the support is not from Iranians, just hezbollah and other Islamo-facist regimes.

Arash said...

This regime is the laughing stock of all the civilised world, I swear to god...

And SZ: it's definitely possible to oppose Islam and yet be Iranian :)

SZ said...


You are the biggest Non-Iranian Iranian I have ever spoken to.

You say you are in the legal field, I pray that you don't represent anyone in real life, it would be an unmitigated disaster.

I never said that people can't criticize governments, go ahead and do it all you want.

The reason I posted that link of Senator Byrd is to make the point that you can pick any single isolated event and claim that it is representative of the entire government or people. What Potkin was implying is that because this asshole picks his nose, he is undeserving and somehow not qualified to lead. It's just as idiotic of a statement as me saying that just because Senator Byrd was sleeping on TV, he is not qualified to be a Senator.

The problem with you Mehrtash is that you are a idiotic blind fool who doesn't really care about human rights. You have this holier than thou attitude which contrary to what you claim to be, makes you the most pompous, egotistical arrogant bastard around.

If you can't understand that isolating an event, and claiming that it is indicative of a larger picture is completely biased and idiotic on Potkin's behalf, then you must have missed the day in law school where they actually teach law!

SZ said...


Yes, 68 million Iranians who didn't protest against Ahmadinejad, all the people that come out when Khamenei speaks are all hezbollah and fascist.

Sarcasm off.

I won't take you serious, because you are a devil's advocate.

SZ said...


Please tell us who the civilized world is? I really want to know who you consider to be part of the civilized world, and who you consider to be part of the uncivilized world. Please explain further.

And contrary to what you say, if you haven't even been to Iran like you, If you haven't any family in Iran, like you, If you can't read and write farsi, like you, and if you constantly make straw man arguments, like you, then you aren't Iranian.

I never said you have to be islamic or a muslim to be Iranian. I know many Iranians here in Tehran who are not muslims per se.

Arash said...


You are an absolute joker :)

You talk about straw man arguments, then you make several of them yourself namely, "you haven't got family in Iran, you don't know Farsi, you don't know about Iran" and then you have the cheek to accuse me of making straw men arguments!? Why would you resort to MAKING UP things about me? Oh that's right, I remember, it's because you can't debate without resorting to insults, much like a twelve year old. I've told you before, and I'm telling you again: grow up.

Up till now I thought you just enjoyed posting crap on my blog, now I see that you do the same to other people as well. Poor show.

SZ said...


Nice of you to answer my question about who the civilized world is.

I asked you specifically to expand on your statement that Iran is the laughing stock of the civilized world. Who is the civilized world?

Don't dance around the argument by changing the topic, just answer the question, stand behind your statements. I will ask you again.

Who is part of the civilized world and who is not?

Azarmehr said...

Shervin Zeinalizadeh

I am sure Arash will answer you too, but while I am logged in, just for a start:

Civilised world are countries:
- where they don't carry out public executions
- don't stone people to death
- don't rape protesters who have taken part in a protest

Arash said...


A civilised country has:

Respect for Human Rights

Who is part of the civilised world? Any country that respects those ideals.

Who is not? Any country that does not respect those ideals. Off the top of my head this includes: Islamic Republic of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe and any other state ruled by dictators.

What Potkin mentioned in his last comment shows how the Islamic Republic flouts these ideals. I hope that answers your questions.

Mehrtash said...

"Non-Iranian Iranian" - there's a contradiction in terms. And you challenge my intellect when such words spew out of your ignorant mouth? Lol!

It's not the fact that he picks his nose that he has been criticized, it's the fact that he's doing it there in full view, and wiping it over his face - disgusting. When one needs to relieve their bladder/bowels, the do it in an appropriate place, such as the toilet, and not in full view - if they have any sense of decency. Same principle applies here.

And even though you do not explicitly argue that we cannot criticize other governments, as soon as we do you quickly defend the IRI by arguing that other countries are just as bad if not worse. What does that have to do with the price of eggs? There being other bad governments does not mean we must shift our attention from the abuses in Iran; at the end of the day, we are Iranian and care more about what happens in, and affects Iran.

And please, you're using the phrase 'holier than thou' is toe curling and cringe-worthy; time to change your rhetoric. You can attack my stance on human rights all you want; what matters is the fact that all my life I have wanted to do something that would benefit Iranians living in Iran, and not this despotic regime. I chose to go through international law and human rights, and now it is a work-in-progress. All you seem to do is challenge justice and people who campaign for equality and human rights in Iran, by arguing the irrelevant point that there are abuses in other countries and why don't we campaign for them? You are no different to Ahmadinejad - President of Palestinians, instead of Iranians - you would sooner attend to other countries' issues than address your own country's needs...

No, my ignorant friend, it is YOU who are the real 'non-Iranian' here.

Devil's Advocate said...

I would like to know what SZ gets in return for his loyalty to Khamenei and his un-Islamic practices and breaches of civility... a blowjob by the Supreme Leader himself? Or is SZ one of the illiterate Iranians who cannot speak nor read nor write in Farsi, and begs to partake in the raping of protestors in illegitimate jails...His arguments sound like he is one of them, for sure. When I find out who you are, I will get to you, and treat you in the same slow torturing practice as you have done with our people.