Saturday, March 20, 2010

Few Hours to Nowruz

Its now just a few hours to Nowruz, usually I am very bubbly and happy and looking forward to the celebrations. This year I feel however all my energy has been sapped and all my strength has gone out of me.

You may think its all the Iran related work I do that has caused my exhaustion but actually I am battling on another front with the Child Support Agency. Perhaps I shouldn't be writing about it here but its the only platform I got and I need to shout somewhere. CSA is a criminal organisation which behaves like a protection racket with the full backing of the state. It is a government department which has no concern with the well being of a child which makes fathers and children poorer but lawyers richer. A department whose focus is only to achieve targets by extortion from good fathers who want to look after their children.

It has taken this criminal organisation sixteen months to accept I have a new born which simply amazes me. How is it that they follow me from home, go through my credit card spendings and yet they can not verify such a fact from birth registrations. But I will re-cooperate and I will get my strength back and I will stand up to anyone who tries to bully me.

Look at this case just to get a flavour of what the criminal Child Support Agency gets up to
Relief after CSA admits £30,000 mistake


Sohrab said...

Hang in there Potkin. I can only imagine how difficult it is to deal with vicious bureaucrats like the ones confronting you.

Wishing you all the best for the new year. Here's to spending next nowruz in a free Iran.

Arash said...

Noroozet khojaste baad Potkin


Waybec said...

Yeah, there seems to be injustices all over! Here in the West, we have a greater freedom than most. But lawyer's, bankers and lobbyist do very well in exploiting, corrupting and abusing it. Maybe it is only a small consolation in today's cut-throat world Potkin, but your spirit and moral compass is right. God or not, we either darken, sicken or scar the fabric of the universe - Or stand up and try to resonate it with a more just and pure light. We all have dark days - but the greatest reward of your existence is bringing a little light into the lifes of others. So I'd just like to say your blog does just that! It's in our fibre and conscience to never give up!