Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Revelations About Ahmadinejad's Exorcist

The website Javan Online, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards has made more revelations about Ahmadinejad's exorcist, Abbas Ghaffari, who was arrested 10 days ago.

Despite Ghaffari's initial good fortunes after his arrest, when his interrogator was said to have died of a heart attack, the charges against him are piling up like there is no judgement day tomorrow.
According to Javan Online's new revelations:

- Ghaffari obtained his supernatural demonic powers after rubbing the holy Koran on excrements
- By now 360 women, including married women, have claimed they have been raped by him
- Ghaffari would eat his own dried up excrement on a daily basis
- He possesses two main spells which by mixing with two minor spells can paralyse people's heart, mind and eyes or in every day terms make them deaf and dumb.
- Ghaffari is completely competent in numbers sorcery as well as in the art of energy healing. It is said that he spent some time in King Fahad's palace trying to heal him too.

Javan Online asks is readers who either knew Ghaffari or were his victims to contact this number +9821-88498443 and give further information on him.


Waybec said...

Sounds abit like the current Basiji voices who run Press TV. Now that Britain is finally waking up to clamp down on this propaganda mouthpiece of the IRI, all we basically get on it's comment section is some Zionist plot against it! Yep - Just like the corrupt regime itself: Just built on negatives and what it's against, rather than what it's for in terms of truly answering the free and fair aspirations of the Iranian people. Accusations of Witchcraft in any sort of crime case just begger's belief! Next they'll get out the ducking stool just to protect their own old fart evil postions of wealth and power!

Anonymous said...


could you give the link of the article from javan online please ?