Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sheikh Mohamad Haj Hassan Calls for the Release of Moussavi and Karroubi

Sheikh Mohammad Haj Hassan, leader of the Free Shiites movement in Lebanon issued the statement translated below yesterday. I think you will agree that Sheikh Hassan is more consistent than Stop the War fraudsters. Perhaps the Western useful idiots posing as intellectuals could learn from the brave Sheikh Hassan.

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate

People are the source of power and it is time that people be able to choose their own destiny. For this reason, continuing with the repressive savage policies should not be allowed. Hence if a people are pursuing change, it is the duty of governments to respect their wishes. Sadly the most dangerous phenomenon we face today is the religious dictatorship which has donned the clothes of holiness and got involved in politics in order to pursue its own unhealthy interests.

It must be known that it is in no way permissible for innocent blood to be shed and hanging gallows to be raised and innocent men and women to be thrown in jail, just because they want to change their destiny or deny a certain ideology, and this is precisely the story of the Iranian regime, which tries to imply this idea that it is exercising the religious laws and yet it acts completely opposite to them. In fact it must be said that this regime is an unpopular regime ruled by a turbaned clad. This is a state run by those who will do anything in the name of religion, if its in their interests, even if contradictory to the religious laws. An example being the Baseej who shoot, kill, arrest and repress innocent people in the streets. Worse still they use the most brutal methods against their own former statesmen if they ever disagree with the establishment.

We ask the sick regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, here and now, to release Mr. Mir Hussein Moussavi and the religious scholar, Mehdi Karroubi and all other political prisoners and end all the harassment of their families. The Iranian regime is duty bound, instead of making recommendations to other states to respect the wishes of the people to choose their own government, to give these rights to the people and nation of Iran first and foremost.

Nations seek peace and stability and reject all forms of violence and rule by force. The fall of dictatorships by pro-democracy movements seeking change in the region, is the best testimony for this claim. We, who have chosen the Koran as our guiding light and Islam as our religion, are obliged to respect Islam's teachings based on refraining from violence, murder and destruction.

Now that the people of Iran are subjected to repression and tyranny, we feel obliged to defend all nations under repression, for we want democracy to succeed, the very democracy which was the way of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Tolerance and kindness were the honourable traits of those great men which were taught to us. Hence if someone wants to pretend to be in their place and refer to themselves as the 'leader of the Muslims', they should behave as our holy figures did and understand that no one has a mandate on God's behalf simply because they hold the reigns of power.

It is time for the wheel of change for building a free and democratic world without murder, terror and war to be put in motion. It is our duty to make all endeavours to stop the Fascist savage repressions in Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

We also ask all world governments and seek their help to support the people who want freedom and not to compromise on the people's rights to achieve a free future and stop the dictatorship governments in repressing and committing crimes against their people."


Anonymous said...

An Arab man once asked "why do you hate me?" to which I responded "because you exist".


Anonymous said...

another fucking ode to yet another fuking akhound. you have become a real mollah ass licker potkin. these killers are on their way out just like the criminals running Syria and the rest of the Arab world.

Waybec said...

Well I'm totally non-religious, but here's a religious man who's hit the nail right on the head. Maybe because he dares to speak some home truths! Unfortunately though, whenever you mix religion with politics - ego - greed and power, religion is always exposed as a man made fallacy it truly is! Sorry - but I still say that religion is Satan's greatest success! From the medieval Catholic Vatican to the Islamic throne of Khamanei. No true good has EVER becomes of it. Only bigotry, hatred, oppression and a murderous cheating bloodshed. I dare anyone to submit a better argument...