Monday, May 16, 2011

"Ahmadinejad is Bewitched" - Messbah Yazdi

When I first started my blog, this article
I wrote about  Messbah Yazdi, was probably my first blogpost that caught a lot of attention. Messbah Yazdi is the very definition of an opportunistic snake. He is a man with no principles other than looking out for himself. It is no wonder now that despite all his previous backing for Ahmadinejad and all his efforts to promote him, now that his protegee is in hot waters with the Supreme Leader, Messbah is amongst the first to abandon ship.

On Sunday, Messbah Yazdi, a member of the Assembly of Experts and Head of the well funded Institute of Teaching Imam Khomeini's Thoughts, in a meeting with the Islamic Coalition group said:
"We became sensitive with regards to the statements and actions of this controversial person (Mashaei), we realised his words are not plain at all and there is a lot more into them. One day, I realised there is a huge danger within this trend and a lot of effort has been made, my brain couldn't tell whether it was just simple hypnotism, sorcery, contact with some cults or what? Personally I know nothing about these things, but I knew there was some supernatural behind all this. We saw that this person (Mashaei) bewitched him (Ahmadinejad) and has him trapped in his fist. There is a lot evidence and you know better than me  that there is the look and encounters and the effect of spells and these things in place"

But just to leave an opening for himself, in case fortunes change again, Messbah finished by saying
"Of course these are all things we have heard and been told and I have not seen them with my own eyes"

What a piece of shit this snake or as they call him this crocodile, Messbah Yazdi is.

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Anonymous said...

Dissident kidnapped by Iranian agent from Paris.

Be very careful...dear Potkin.