Tuesday, December 12, 2006

250 Million USD Islamic Republic Handout for Hamas

The London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Hayat reported Tuesday that Tehran promised Hamas, it would transfer USD 250 million to the Palestinian Authority.

Meanwhile this photo shows an Iranian Iran-Iraq war veteran, Mohammad-Reza Qanbari-Kia. He is a victim of chemical weapons used by Saddam's forces during the Al-Fajr 8 operation to take the Faw peninsula. He is unable to work and make ends meet for his family. The oxygen equipment in the picture was on loan to him at the time the picture was taken. His devoted wife, Soheila, tells the ISNA reporter, so far they have paid for his medical needs by selling all their belongings and borrowing. Soheila herself has health problems and finds it hard to work. She says her children eat one meal a day only.
When some of her paper work ended in Varamin due to a clerical mistake, she travelled there to obtain her paper work. Soheila says how one of the Varamin officials leaped from behind his desk to physically attack her, when she pleaded with the official that her husband is in a real bad shape. The official was stopped by other employees from hitting her, and said to her "so what if he dies? if he dies then he dies, he can go to hell!"
Qanbari-Kia made the ultimate sacrifice in defending Iran against occupation by Saddam's forces. Instead the Islamic Republic is handing out cash, as if it was monopoly money, to terrorist organisations throughout the world. Yet if the US promises any funds to the Iranian pro-democracy movement, the do-gooders will never rest!


Anonymous said...

Let's do some math.
They're going to pay 100,000 guys $100 a month for six months. I make that $6,000,000.00. Six million bucks.

Then they're going to pay 3,000 fishermen the same for six months. I make that $1,800,000.00.

That's a total of 7.8 million dollars.

That leaves roughly 240 million bucks floating around somewhere. Most likely what'll be floating around will be the heads of homicide bombers after some of the remaining cash is converted into Semtex.

Let's say that costs 10 million dollars. I'm sure I'm overestimating the cost of a homicide belt.

So that leaves 230 million dollars.

OK, so we now have 230 corrupt 'pali' politicians who are now millionaires.

Great system they've got.

Bahramerad said...

That's it Haj-agha Taleban, Take the food and medicine from the hands and mouths of the poor helpless Persians and give it away to your mates in Lebanon and syria. Maybe they will give you sanctuary when you are eventually evicted from Persia.

Anonymous said...

Hello all my name is Jonathan I am a secular jew from Tel Aviv Israel!!!!
I would like to support your casue and to say, me and all my friends have a deep desire for peace in the region one day we believe that peace can be achived and will be achieved by the people and not by the leaders (at least not the current ones),I am sure the media in Iran sais something else but the israeli public really wants peace and quiet and normal relations with our neighbours in the middle east,peace and stability could make this part of the world prosperous and succesfull and bring happiness and freedom to the people!!! we welcome any call for democracy and respect between the people... we would love to help!!!

Shahrokh said...

Yes, As I posted on my weblog now in Iran that especial group of Islamic Republic, I mean Basijies are privileged to free insurance and medicare, not only for themeselves, even for their family. and their job is to whale our student of universities and quell any opposit voice.

Anonymous said...

It's mindboggling while more than 40% of Iranians live below poverty level, while with all of our oil wealth we still don't have the infrastructure in place to refine oil and have to import more than 40% of gas and jet fuel from other countries, while Iranian women have to resort to prostitution and drug dealings, while southern Lebanon is being rebuild with the Iranian plundered wealth instead of Southern Tehran, these Ungodly men of god continue to claim moral authority and legitimacy as agents of god on earth and worst of all they call themeselves "Iranian".

Anonymous said...

Get ambassadors out

Arian said...

Well said, Serendip...

Anonymous said...

اسلاميستهای فاشيست حاکم بر ميهنمان خيلی غير ايرانی تر و ضد ايرانی تر از آنچه که ما فکر می کنيم هستند. رژيمی که سالهاست بر عليه تمام آداب و رسوم ملی ما کار می کند، رژيم عقب مانده ای که آثار باستانی ايران را ويران کرده و می کند، رژيم پليدی که پاسدارانش دختران ايران را در بازار های شيخهای عرب می فروشند، رژيمی که عواملش هرويين و ترياک و گلاس و ديگر مواد کشندة مخدر بين جوانان پخش می کنند، مگر قرار است که به مردم ايران کمک کند؟ مگر قرار است که برای کارتن خوابهای ايران دلش بسوزد؟ مگر قرار است که برای کودکان خيابانی کاری انجام دهد؟ـ
نه دوستان، اين رژيم برای ايران و ايرانی کار نکرده است و نخواهد کرد.ـ
ننگ و شرم بر جمهوری اسلامی!ـ