Saturday, December 16, 2006

Those who Wanted a Big Turnout

So once again, Iran's pseudo-intellectuals, through the media platforms they have at their disposal, inside and outside Iran, did their best to confuse the Iranian masses and along with the leaders of the Islamic Republic encouraged them to turn up at the ballot boxes. Once again the regime claimed the event was an "epic", and how the presence of the people at the ballot boxes was a knock out punch in the mouth of the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

So lets see who wanted to see a big turnout at these so-called ballot boxes:

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:
"The presence of every nation at ballot boxes is a sign of awareness by that nation...If people are unsure about the candidates they should seek guidance from trusted and faithful sources."

Grandson of Ayatollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic:
"Without a doubt, the winners of these elections are the people of Iran...The people must show an ever more colourful presence in these elections to show the world that we are always vigilant and ready"

The head of Iran's parliament and the Supreme Leader's son-in-law, Hadad Adel:
"Voting in these elections is voting for the essence and the spirit of the Islamic Republic...Americans are angry with us and they want to come back, and our people by turning up at the ballot boxes are saying NO to America."

Iran's head of judiciary:
"glorious and massive participation of people in the elections will be a logical and objective response to empty claims of the enemies. "

Former President Mohammad Khatami, who recently received an honorary doctorate from St. Andrews university:
"Today we are witnessing a regime which is in compliance with Islam. People must know that boycotting these elections does not solve anything." Former president Khatami also hoped "For these elections to be held in even more glory with more participation by the people. Those who call for a boycott do not believe in democracy".

Tehran's Friday Sermons leader, Ahmad Khatami:
"The glorious participation of the people in these elections, was a sign Iranian people's vigilance and political maturity".

And in the West, those who are exploiting the luxuries and comfort of the secular democracies, and using the media platforms that they are provided with to promote the Islamic Republic as an acceptable form of government.

Massoud Behnood:
Behnood, works for BBC Persian and is said to be in line to head the BBC Persian TV and also a new Persian speaking TV to be funded by the Dutch government.

Hossein Derakhshan (Hoder):
Hossein Derkhshan is known by Iranian activists to be an agent and promoter of the Islamic Republic. Yet some gullible Westerners have been succumbed by his trendy looks and intellectual gestures that he is an Islamic Republic dissident :))

Hope the above helps to identify who is who and who wants what.


Anonymous said...

Interesting read about opening the ballot boxes:

Anonymous said...

به تمام به اصطلاح روشنفکران اصلاح طلب که پيگيرانه در جهت بقای بيشتر جمهوری فاشيستی اسلامی تلاش می کنند اين پيام را بايد داد که خانمها و آقايانی که در قانون اساسی اسلامی ذوب شده ايد، آيا وقتی که در آينه به خود می نگريد، احساس شرم نمی کنيد؟ آيا دستکم از فرزندان و نوه و نتيجه های خود که روزی مجبورند در آن آب و خاک زندگی کنند، خجالت نمی کشيد؟ مگر ميزان حقوق و مواجبتان چقدر است که آيندة فرزندان خود را نيز می فروشيد؟

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You forgot to mention Ali Larijani:
`The high and serious voting will make the West suspend its bullying and adventurous approach to the nuclear case,'