Monday, December 04, 2006

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I was doing some monitoring on my blog. One of the indexes was listing of top posts in terms of how many comments they have attracted. Gunaz TV post is still attracting comments from readers. As I write today it has 125 comments posted. A google search on Gunaz TV brings back my blog post ranked near the top on the first page.

I also had a reason today to have a look at another index, corruption perceptions index for 2006. Out of 166 countries listed, Haiti is listed at the bottom of the list, Islamic Republic of Iran - Ali's Just Society, as the clerics like to call it - is in the 105th place next to Bolivia and Libya, but guess where the Republic of Azerbaijan is? 130th next to Swzailand and Burundi.

I wonder if these kind of facts are ever mentioned on Gunaz TV? How stupid must some people be to advocate to Iranian Azeris to jump from a frying pan into fire and unite with one of the most corrupt and lawless fiefdoms in the world?
At times like this, I always remember the way the little Afghan girl, Ariana, answered back to two other separatists who were under the illusion that breaking away from Iran will make things better.


Winston said...

A united Iran is what all of us should fight for. I don't want to fight for freedom of Iran and then hand it to separatists to tear it apart. Btw, idiots like Reza Barahani advocates separation and they should be confronted.

Bahramerad said...

Dear Potkin there are many Arian's in Persia and thank you for pointing them out whether our Afghan brothers or sisters or whether our Kurdish and Azari sisters and brothers.
The point is that when we say that when the mullah's have been over thrown and replaced with a democratic system we still need a leader who is 'Moghtader', people confuse this with 'Dictator'. I'll say we need someone who is decisive just like HRH Reza Shah the Great who believed and had confidence about himself and about what needed to be done and did it. no mili mouth reformist or confused lackey of this or that ideology. A DOER NOT A THINKER or A DREAMER.

Anonymous said...

First off, this whole concept of PAN-this and PAN-that needs to go. This is nothing but propaganda created by Western nations to divide and tear apart Iranzamin and erode the cultural fabrics of our civilization for their own financial and political gain. Regardless of whether or not the non-Persian ethnic groups and provinces of Iran are Aryan or not should not matter, nor be a determining factor in the ability to call yourself an Iranian. You are an Iranian when you have proven that you are ready to die and bleed for the greatness and glory of Iran.

The Azeris, the Kurds, Khusestani's, they have all proven that. We are all brothers and there is no legimate reason why these compatriots of ours would want to break away OTHER than CENTRALIZED POLITICAL GAIN.

A true non-Persian Iranian nationalist would know two things. One, that the Islamic Republic does not represent ANY true Iranian, Persian or non-Persian, so any claimed injustices against there group by the regime is false grounds for secession. And two, that the fact Iran is their mother country and that they are interwined in the history and fabrics of this culture. They would know to repel foreign influences set on seperating them from their own country. Without them Iran would not be the same, and without Iran, they would not be the same.

The whole thought of "seperatism" digusts me thoroughly. A true non-Persian Iranian knows that Iran is their home and that true Persian Iranians regard them as brothers and as true nationalists and legitimate children of the Persian Empire.

Anonymous said...

ما ايرانيان از کودکی با اين شعر ابرمرد تاريخ ايران، فردوسی جاودان، بزرگ شده ايم و آنرا شعار زندگيمان کرده ايم که
چو ايــــــــــران نباشد تن من مباد
بدين مرز و بوم زنده يک تن مباد

آقايان و خانمهای دشمن ايــــــــــــــران و تماميت ارضی اين خاک مقدس و جاودانة اهورايی بدانند که

آسمان آبی را بر سر هر کس که کوچکترين طمع دربارة حتا يک دانه خاک ايـــــــــــــران داشته باشد سرخ خونين می کنيم.ـ
از جان و مال مي گذريم ولی از ايــــــــــــــران هرگز.ـ

دشمنان زبون ايــــــــــــــــــران بدانند که اين سرزمين مقدس را در طول قرنها بلوچ و آذری و کرد و لر و ترکمن و بختياری و قشقايی و مازندرانی و دشتستانی وخراسانی و سيستانی و شاهسون و گيلانی و عرب خوزستانی وفارس و يهودی و مسلمان و ارمنی و آشوری و بهايی و زرتشتی و ديندار و بی دين و چپ و راست ساخته است و از آن مانند تخم چشم نگهداری کرده است و برای حفظ آن از دادن خون دريغ نکرده و نخواهد کرد.ـ

آذربايجانی های قهرمان هنگام نبرد با اهريمنیان فرقه چی در پنجاه و اندی سال پيش در همين ماه آذر فرياد می زدند که

ما کشور به دشمن هرگز نمی ديم.ـ

امتحان دوبارة وطن پرستی ما ايرانيان برای هر دشمن ابلهی مجانی است.ـ

درود بر پتکين آذرمهر، درود بر وينستون، درود بر بهرام راد و درود بر آريان و درود بر تمام ايرانی های وطن پرست.ـ