Friday, December 22, 2006

Book Burnings by Pan-Turk Secessionists

I heard about Pan-Turk secessionists burning Persian books of literature. Sure enough this is confirmed in their website

I have a particular loathing towards neanderthals who burn and destroy books. I think those who take part in such disgraceful acts clearly show their backwardness and intellectual poverty. Burning a copy of a book does not diminish its worth and value. Indeed many copies of books by Persian literature giants like Ferdowsi and Khayyam have been destroyed by other neanderthals, despots and usurpers
throughout the last millennium. Their words however have survived and it is unlikely that a handful of misguided Pan-Turks can ever deny future generations, the pleasure of reading them.

The Pan-Turkish reenactments of crystal nights, just shows their true ignorant faces. From the photo, I can clearly see one of the books burned has a picture of Ferdowsi on it, I wonder if they also burned any books by Nezami- Ganjavi, Azeri poet who created the Persian masterpieces of The Seven Beauties, Khosrow and Shirin, Labours of Farhad etc.

We on the other hand never burn the books by Pan-Turks. We just read them and have a good laugh. I mean you have to laugh at people who claim Babak Khorramdinwas a Turk and try to re-package him as Baybak :)))


Bardia said...

hi dear potkin
most of Turkish people live in ancient time (osmmani). i've seen who live in ugly way.
shame on them!
but about the babak,i'd be grateful if you give more information.

Azarmehr said...

Dear Barida,

Looking at your great blog, I am sure you know a lot about Babak already. But in any case you can click on the link on Babak and see the wikipedia information about this great Iranian hero.

For Pan-Turks to suggest Babak was Turkish is an indication of how ignorant they are. Babak lived well before the Turkish tribes settled in Azeri parts of Iran. Everything about Babak, his name and the movement he led, The Khorramdins, is Persian.

It seems to be a distinct feature of bankrupt ideologies who try to steal writers, poets, scientists and heroes from other cultures and pretend they belonged to them.

Rancher said...

I have a picture of this at my blog but from a NY Times article I attributed it to the Basiji. Are there Turks in the Basiji? With almost a million members I would assume so but how will these actions be received by their superiors?

Winston said...

this is a Very Stupid act by these brainless people

Anonymous said...

همانگونه که عربهای مسلمان در هزار و چهار صد سال پيش با آتش زدن کتابخانه های ايرانی نتوانستند ايران و ايرانی را از بين ببرند، اين چند تا جوجه پان ترکيست هم در خواهند يافت که ستون کاخ زبان و فرهنگ و همبستگی ملی ايرانی با اين کارهای وحشيانه کوچکترين آسيبی نخواهد ديد. نخستين پس گردنی را آذربايجانی های وطن پرست بر اين ابلهان خواهند زد.ـ

Anonymous said...

خیلی خوب است اینها ماهیت خود را با اینکارها خوب نشان میدهند. مردم ایران دیگر بدنبال دشمنان کتاب راه نخواهند افتاد.