Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pictures of Student Demos Last Week

Some of the pictures of Iranian students staging anti-government demonstrations on Iranian Student Day, last week.

BBC Persian said the demonstrators numbered around 300. Judge for yourself!


blank said...

Good for the courageous students! The real courage is shown when such young people risk everything in order to bring about change.

E. Frank van Persie said...

What do you think about the whole 'red' theme of the affair. Socialism or Barbarity? Who comes up with these slogans?

Azarmehr said...

You only need one good readable placard in a photo and that will dominate the discussions about the photo. The question is were the students shouting that slogan in unison?

Shahrokh said...

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Anonymous said...

Iranian Students Smash Cameras, Burn Ahmadinejad Photos
Iranian Students Smash Cameras, Burn Ahmadinijad Photos During His Speech in Tehran!!
Students smashed Iranian state television cameras installed to cover the event!!

Iranian students demonstrate at Tehran university, Tehran, Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2006. (AP)Russian Novosti News is reporting about a violent protest against Iranian President Ahmadinejad today in Tehran:

Gateway pundit has more:

Anonymous said...

Off topic:

Dear Potkin: With the recent election coming up, a cursory review of articles in several newspapers are beginning to peddle the "Reformist movement". Even Senator McCaine mentioned it in his speech yesterday.(see Dr.Zin's blog). Since I don't know much about the history, inner-workings and dynamics of this sham movement, I can't really write about it. So, I'm asking your help to RE-EXPSOE this fraud of a movement and tell us how it will never lead to democracy and reform as they proclaim. Thanks.

See also this bafoon's article in

Anonymous said...

با يکديگر شمازش معکوس سقوط جمهوری پليد فاشيستی اسلامی را با صدای بلند بخوانيم. اين موج می رود که آشغالها را با خود به ته دريا ببرد و دريا را بار ديگر پاک و تميز کند.ـ

مرگ بر استبداد، مرگ بر ديکتاتور،ـ
محمود احمدی نژاد، عامل تبعيض و فساد،ـ
دروغگو برو گمشو.ـ

Aryamehr said...

The bigger the demonstration the smaller the number provided by the BBC! What a joke! And how many MILLIONS of people across the world base their judgements and opinions on the MSM (main-stream-media)?!?!?!

Well done of the students. Unity towards overthrowing the Islamist occupational regime.