Friday, October 30, 2009

Confronting the Revolutionary Guards

In his latest daily recorded videos, Mohsen Sazegara, explains to the people of Iran what the status quo of the Green Movement is and how each hurdle should be overcome. His daily recorded videos which are passed on from person to person inside Iran are extremely popular and have become one of the main roadmap tools of the Green revolution.

In his latest video, Sazegara talks about confronting the Revolutionary Guards. It is now as clear as crystal that the main confrontation in Iran is between the people and an elite military complex bent on controlling all aspects of Iran's economy.

I don't mean to start translating Sazegara's videos on a daily basis, that intended audience is obviously the people inside Iran, but yesterday's recorded footage which explains the confrontation between the people and the Revolutionary Guards will be useful for those who are following Iran's events to gain an understanding that no regime, no matter how repressive, is still fallible if the people of that country decide not to co-operate with it and if the people of the world lend their support to the struggle of their fellow human beings for freedom and liberty.

Part of Sazegara's video yestrday:

'...and now on to the third subject: our main topic of discussion regarding our strategy to confront the Revolutionary Guards, which I will endeavour to explain one by one on this board.
As we explained before the Revolutionary Guards is now standing to oppose a whole nation.

The strategy of confronting the Revolutionary Guards:

1. The first point is that we have to be careful to divide the Guards' track record into three distinct periods:
- The first period, the war years, where many volunteers join to defend Iran and became martyrs, I call this period during the imposed war years, 'The Martyr Army'.

- The second period starts after the war, where the Guards enter economic activities, parasite economic activities which I refer to as "The Middleman Army" period, because the RG becomes the middleman in many of the projects and factories.

- The third period which starts after the reform period, I call it the "Murderer Army" which continues to this day and is the section of the Revolutionary Guards which has started killing the people.

When confronting the Revolutionary Guards, its very important that we distinguish between these three periods, because every time we challenge the Guards and say they are killing the people and a number of commanders are plundering the country's wealth, they try to hide behind the "martyr army", we have to show that these three periods are distinct and different.

Making Contacts with the RG Members

2. Making contactss with the RG members and encouraging them to leave the Middleman and Murderer Army

We must make contact with the RG members, which the Baseej has also become dissolved in the RG (official part of the RG). We must talk to each Guard member who is our neighbour, in our work place, in our families and ask them to leave this middleman murderer army and ask them why they are co-operating with an organisation which has its hands up to its elbows stained in people's blood and is plundering the country's wealth? An honourable member of the RG, a rank and file member of the RG and the commanders who share the pride of the war years must separate their ways from the middlemen and murderers of today. If a member refuses to do this, then we need to disclose his name, we need to talk to his family and to his children, we need to stick pictures of our martyrs in front of their houses, we need to pressure them in different ways so that they will separate their ways from the middlemen and murderers.

Acceptance by the Nation

3- Openly embrace those who join the people
It is very important that we make it clear when we speak to the RG members and always emphasise to them that the people will embrace anyone who distances himself from the middlemen and murderers. In every action, in every contact, in every public discussion and even during street clashes, we have to make this reminder that people will embrace anyone who joins them.

Disclosure of Middleman and Murderous Activities

4. Disclosure of the middleman and murderous activities of the RG for the people

Information about the economic activities and crimes carried out by the RG, sections that repress, those who are involved in these activities, must be publicised to the public by whatever means the information is obtained.

This is not meant to be information about the military capabilities of the country, of course those are part of the state secrets and not what we mean, but any information regarding the economic activities of the RG, whatever monetary interference by the RG and whatever parts they take in killing people, imprisoning people, torture houses, rapes which a minority of the RG taking part in must be told to the nation by whoever has access to such information so that they can be prevented.


5. Selective Boycott of Goods and Middleman Activities of the RG

One of our important resistance tools is that we should boycott goods produced, distributed and imported by the Revolutionary Guards and their other economic activities, but because things have got to the point that the RG have a hand in just about all economic activities, inevitably we have to be selective, it has to be a step by step boycott.

Regarding the RG's purchase of the country's telecommunication, we have a plan which with the help of friends inside the country and a section of specialist friends outside the country will soon be finalised and I will present to you as ways in which we can challenge the telecommunications takeover. Or from amongst the foreign cigarettes that the RG imports, (we are studying which one is the most profitable brand) so that we can include the brand in our boycott and burn the brand packets and show we do not want it. Just as we saw how effective it was when we boycotted the RG imported rice or the Mehr Deposits or other things and they had to step back. Therefore we have to select and target a handful of goods and activities and involve the whole nation in their boycotts.'


Anonymous said...

Sazgara is the founder of the revolutionary guard. Revolutionary gurard start killing people from the day started. First they attack SanandaJ in Kurdistan in March 1980 then they attack Kurds in Summer then they massacare people in Turkemanestan. In 1982, after the removal of Bani Sadr, they arrested and killed many people in demonstration against Regime. Later they were involve in arresting people under the slogan that they are fighting US spy and Iraqi spies. They sent thousands of children over the mines with the key to Heaven for the stupid war which Khomeinie wants to capture Gods from Bagdad. Sazegara try to milead people. He wants to cover his past by washing the blood from the hands of revolutionary gurds when he was the commander in chief. Secularism cannot be brought to Iran by this murderes.

Azarmehr said...

No of course not, it can ONLY be brought about by anonymous commenters like you, who have been secular revolutionaries since birth and have never done anything wrong in their entire life!

If you dont like Sazegara then you should do more than he is doing and capture the hearts and minds of people to accept you as their spokesman otherwise just sitting in the toilet and saying so and so is no good won't get you far.