Friday, October 02, 2009

Green Movement Wins the Football Derby Match

The rivalry between Persepolis and Isteghlal (formerly Taaj) has been there ever since I remember. The Persepolis reds against the Taaj blues, just like West Ham v Spurs, Man U against Man City or any other major derby.

But such is the mood of this green movement in Iran that the reds and blues joined together today and made green. Despite all the security measures, massive police presence and restrictions in ticket sales, nothing can stop the Iranians these days from chanting against Ahmadinejad:

As one of the employees in the Islamic Centre quietly told me 'The green movement has taken up roots in all levels of the Iranian society, victory is not a matter of if but when'


علیرضا said...

و سپاس خدای را که به ما جان داد تا فدای ایران کنیم

مردم قهرمان ایران از هر فرستی ابراز نارضایتی خود از سیستم حکومتی استفاده میکنند

We will use all available sources to express our disapproval of Islamic government soccer would be the next battle field in our struggle against Islamic regime

Iran Never Dies

ایران هرگزنخواهد مرد

Anonymous said...

west ham against spurs is not a major derby. they are both garbage teams.