Sunday, October 04, 2009

Father's Tears for his Martyr Son

Amir Javadifar, 24 year old Industrial Engineering Iranian student, was detained during this years's July 9 peaceful protests in Tehran. Two weeks later, Amir died of injuries he had suffered as a result of his constant beatings while in prison.

A friend who saw Amir's body told RFE/RL's Radio Farda that he had been tortured: "He had a fractured skull, one of his eyes was almost crushed, all the nails on his toes had been extracted, and all of his body was bruised."

In this footage from Amir's mourning ceremony, his father Ali is seen clutching Amir's photograph and kissing it. How can we ever forgive these Neanderthals who have caused our nation so much suffering?


Winston said...

very sad and heart breaking

Arash said...

"How can we forgive them?"...the answer to that is very simple, we can't. They are lower than human.


Maggie said...

We cannot forgive what they have done. Even so, now is the time to look back on what is written in Scripture, about the atrocities committed by ancient peoples. I draw your attention to the story of Jezebel and how she gained Nabob's vineyard, and then how justice prevailed......

Also, even if you are not religious, I tend to point out the writings within the Book of Isaiah..... and for obvious reasons because these writings, and that which is found in the Books of Kings do need to be studied since history is repeating itself.

We will never forget what these monsters have perpetrated upon innocent young men and women of Iran.