Thursday, October 08, 2009

Dawn of Liberation is Approaching

Finally found the song I was looking for. I was talking to a friend who is good at making clips and was asking him why none of the clips made about Neda so far had this most fitting song, which includes Neda in its lyrics, as the background music to the clip, and he was saying he had never heard of it. They say when you talk about songs that others haven't heard of, you are getting old :( But here is one performance of the song I found on you tube

'From the way my comrade looks at other comrades,
A message (Neda) is reaching towards us
The era of liberation and freedom is approaching

After this terrible night, dawn will come
The new day will be ours with blossoms all around


Neda Mehregan said...

I enjoyed listening to that.

Rostam Farrokhzad said...

This is exactly how we will defeat the fascist Islamic Republic and their paid henchmen. Through peaceful protest and song. When the people of Iran rise against injustice little can stop them.